Winter is Coming to SkyRealms

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Friday Update.png

It's Friday y'all! Which means it's time for your update. But first, lets take a peek at this week's realm feature.

This week we're featuring a realm by GEOASSA :) It's big! It's grand! It's…it's…just great <3 Check it out at /visit GEOASSA <3

Also, shout out to our Olympic Parkour Winners Benny_0202 in first place, AzidicSlime in second, and ISNAPCHATGIRLS in third! Mad skills, guys. Great job!

Now. Onto the update!

All Hail the Queen in the North!
You read that right! It's a new boss! And it's a polar bear! And she's a total tank! And cute and fluffy and ferocious and…and…and…man I just need moment, I'm too excited!

Okay. While I take a moment to calm down, lets learn some more about the Queen of the North.

First and foremost, she's BEEFY. Boasting 7,500 health she is easily the toughest boss we have released. So get ready.

Next up, her moves. Queenie comes with four moves, each with their own devastating effect. Check them out below.

Stray Army - This is the Queen's main source of back up where she summons ten powerful Strays to fight by her side

Snow Golem Attack Force - Summons 20 low health Snow Golems that pack a punch with their barrage of snowballs (pictured below)

Chill Pill - Traps you inside ice causing you to be taken out of the battle for 10 seconds. Can only be avoided if you're moving.

Snow Wave - Get ready. Snow Wave shoots 7 waves of snowballs all around her
Like other bosses, the top five damage dealers will have rewards with /rewards. Also, the Queen of the North has a chance of dropping the "QueenSlayer" name tag which is not only epic but also one of the greatest Game of Thrones references I have yet to stumble upon (Jaime Lannister ain't got nuthin' on us). So get your tookis' to the store and lets take on this furry ice Queen!

March Build Contest
Now that I've gotten you all excited about the new boss, you're probably gonna need a moment to contain your excitement about the March build contest! This month we're introducing two new exciting themes. You can either choose to build your realm with a St. Patricks Day or Easter theme!

Also, to help our builders know what the judges are looking for, I've included a short rubric below:

Build Contest Judging Categories

Adherence to Theme - if the realm does not adhere to one of the month's themes, they are immediately disqualified.

Creativity - Creativity is judged both through the creativity of your overall build along with the creativity of the materials you choose.

Overall Aesthetic - Aesthetic is determined by multiple factors such as color coordination and symmetry to improve the overall visual effect of your realm.

Difficulty - Difficulty will examine both the complexity of your build and the difficulty of obtaining the materials for your build.​

Furthermore, the March Build Contest begins today and the deadline to have your build complete and submitted is March 16 at 9:00 a.m. PST.

PLEASE LEAVE YOUR BUILD UP UNTIL THE WINNERS ARE ANNOUNCED, as I will be visiting realms for the week after the deadline to pick our finalists.

Finally, prizes! You'll notice we've added the Architect name tag (which seems only fitting). February build contest winners will also be awarded their name tags.

1st Place - $50 Gift Card to SkyRealms store and Architect name tag
2nd Place - $20 Gift Card to SkyRealms store and Architect name tag
3rd Place - $10 Gift Card to SkyRealms store and Architect name tag​

And that concludes our Friday Update! I hope your weekend is full of sick loot drops, complete lack of lag, and troll-free forums. See below for bug fixes.

Bug Fixes, New Store Items, and Price Changes
Fixed Enchant Cleanser being able to take an enchant off an item multiple times
Added Horse Eggs to the shop for players to buy and have cute pet horses (OMG SOOO COOOOT)
Reduced Coal, Diamond & Emerald prices in the shop by 25%​