Denied UltimateDinoRex

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UltimateDinoRex said that if i tped hed give me a free epic book but didnt say he was in the warzone at the edge and when i tped he knocked me off and i was in Skygod with a Skygod sword pickaxe axe and shovel my username is SuperDude2015 so please return the skygod


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Hello David J Cohen,

You are suppose to use the following format when reporting a player.

Now that you know what a player can be punished for, use the following format to report the player.

Proper Report Format:

1. Server (e.g Spawn/Home):
2. Minecraft name (of offender):
3. Offense committed:
4. Proof:

But I am tell you that scamming someone into thinking they are getting a free epic book is allowed and there is nothing we can do about this matter. Please in the future keep in mind what I said and do not tp to anyone, just /visit there realm and that's it. I am sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you, but I have to decline this report.
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