This is the End……………………….er Chest Update!

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First things first, time for our realm feature! This week, we're featuring blue_paladin's realm :) If you want to drop by and say hi, just /visit blue_paladin <3

Ender Chests
We’re making history today guys! For the first time since the reset, we are going to have ender chests back, but we're using a different system than before. A perk of this is, this time, players will have MORE space.

To reach your ender chest you can use /enderchest, /ec, or /echest. See below for the different sizes:

Default: 3 rows
Hero: 5 rows
Knight: 5 rows
Lord: 2 pages
Duke: 2 pages
SkyGod: 3 pages
There was a shop change as well! We have nerfed the price of Cactus and Sugar Cane. 32 Cacti now sells for $128 and 32 Sugar Cane now sells for $200.

Also, as many of you astutely pointed out to me over the last few days:p, we are experiencing some lag spikes. Please know that we are actively addressing this issue and appreciate your patience until it is resolved. One step that has been taken to fight the lag is that ground items only have a life of 1 minutes, as opposed to 5 minutes. This does not mean Clear Lag is running every minute, just that any item on the ground automatically despawn after 1 minute. So keep that in mind!

See below for your bugs fixes. :cool:

Bug Fixes
Realm members can no longer interact, place, or break items on the restricted list
Block restrictions actually work (i.e., no more having 900 hoppers when your limit is 300)​
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Hey! Ender chest are back! Glad to see that its a new system to. Its also great that the realm members are fixed! (even though that mighta been a while ago, i don't pay attention ok?)