Theme Build Contest, More Advancements, Repair Scrolls + small fixes/additions! 11/19/18

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Howdy everyone, here are the updates to the server. Hope you enjoy!

Tier 5 Advancements
With the introduction of the harder Nether we decided to add a 5th tier of Advancements for those of you that enjoy them. Tier 5 Advancements have the same setup as all previous tiers with more money and EXP for completing. These advancements mostly revolve around the nether, so if you are doing them you will most likely find yourself there!
Just like previous tiers, there are 10 total advancements which consist of 7 "Tasks", 2 "Challenges" and 1 "Goal". Challenges meant to be the most difficult, and give the highest reward. Make your way to completing the Tier 4 Goal in order to advance to the new Tier 5.

Repair Scrolls
Repair Scrolls have been added to the server! What do they do? Well, they repair your stuff! "Repair Scrolls" have a success chance to work, so they will not always fix up your items. If the repair fails, nothing will be lost or damaged. There is only working and not working with no down side. There are two types of Scrolls, Epic Repair Scrolls and Legendary Repair Scrolls. Epic Scrolls have the chance to add 150 durability on the item, and Legendary Repair Scrolls have a chance to add 300 durability. These Scrolls have a chance to be found in many places. These places include; WarZone Chests, Nether Chests, Boss Rewards (including Mini Bosses such as Nether Guardian) and Keys.

Realm Theme Build Contest
We're hosting our first build contest of the season, and the first in a while!
Don't know what a build contest is? Click the spoiler below to learn about them!
For those that do not know, we have occasional build contests on the server where you submit your Realm (meaning that the Owner is the submitter and the Owner is the benefactor of the rewards). Once you have completed the build, you can submit your Realm to the Build Contest using the command /bcontest and clicking the "Submit Your Realm" button while standing in your Realm. You can even view other submissions to the contest in the /bcontest menu. There you can also see info about the ongoing contest such as end times, rewards and information.

In this contest you will be building a "Realm Theme" (spawn island when using visiting a Realm) at your Realm. This Build Contest will be very special because the top creations will end up on the server as a usable theme! There is no specific theme/design needed for the builds. It can be whatever theme/style you want as long as it's appropriate and fits the specifications. Specifications? Yes.

Now.. Due to the complexity of our whole Realm system, there are some very specific sizes and rules that have to be followed in order to be qualified in this contest.
Your theme must fit in an area the the following size;
Length - 30
- 47
- 66
Your themes spawn point (where the player is going to spawn in when visiting) must have less than 36 blocks under it. 35 is okay, 36 is not. The block that the user is to spawn on should be no higher the 35th block (the spawn block does count in the 35 cap. Like shown in the picture below, you do not have to use all 35 blocks under the spawn, it is simply the max allowed. All our themes are pasted in the same spot, so, your spawn must be at the proper height. When you are actually building, you do not need to worry about height besides making sure there are less than 36 blocks under your spawn point and the total height is 66 or less.

All of our current themes fit in this criteria already due to how we spawn them in when switched. It is very important that your theme fits these specs. I know this may all sound confusing, but if you have any questions you can feel free to ask a staff member or myself.
Here is an image to help you understand the specs needed for the build.
As you can see here with the default Realm spawn, what we do is make a box that is L: 32, W: 49, H: 68 and make sure that it fits in there. If you think this will help you, feel free to do that! But the area inside the box is spec put in the screenshot.
You can see that this theme does not go all the way to the bottom, but still the amount of blocks to reach the bottom of the box is 35.

With the theme, make sure to also include a bridge and a place for a portal. The portal DOES NOT have to made out of obsidian. We will WorldEdit in the portal where ever you want it on the build (if your build is chosen and implemented into the game). The portals can also be any size as long as it's at least a 1x2.

The info in the /bcontests menu is a bit large so some may not be able to view it on small displays. Here it is for those that cannot view it and those who are curious about the rewards!

Winners will also be given the Build Contest Winner Exclusive "Architect" Name Tag!

The Build Contest will end on November 30th and you have until to submit your Realm. After that we will take a week to look at the submitted Realms and choose the winners! With that being said, please leave all Build Contest related builds up until December 7th.

Small Additions/Changes
- Vote Keys have been given a small buff as well as an addition of a vote key exclusive Name Tag! Get your hands on the "I VOTED" Name Tag today by voting for the server!
- Epic Keys have been given a small buff as well as a few items being added. Epic Scrolls and a key exclusive Glow has been added to the drops.
- Legendary Keys have been given a slight buff. Legendary Scrolls and the key exclusive Glow have been added to the drops. "Gray Glow" only available in Epic & Legendary Keys.
- Chainmail Armor is now able to be enchanted like normal.
- New addition for defaults only which is /kit noob. A 3 day very basic kit for defaults in need. Contains iron armor/tools and 1 Mystery Common Book.
- /heal and /feed have been added to the disabled commands when combat tagged. Never should have been able to do it when tagged.
- Queen of the North is now immune to bows. All damage must be melee.
- Flame enchant has been removed as a possible drop from books while we look into why it's not working. Will be re-added when fixed.
- Players are now automatically given Fire Resistance for 20 seconds when entering the nether. This is so people do not die if dropping down/flying into lava.
- Realm Managers can no longer upgrade the size of a Realm.​
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