The "Not an Update" Update

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Friday Update.png

It's Friday! Woo-hoo! You know what that means…..time for the "Not an Update" Friday Update!

But first, let's chat about our featured realm. This week, we're featuring /visit TNTCobbl3r29 whose realm is fresh and totally dope. Dope. Is that still a thing? Possibly it's dank? I'm not sure what dank means, but regardless be sure to check it out :)

Onto our not an update update! I'm gonna get real for a second. We ARE still doing stuff on the back end, but our plans for the next big update are SO AWESOME we literally cannot do it in one week. Not even two weeks. Possibly even three. It's THAT BIG A DEAL. But never fear, we still have events to keep y'all satiated until THE BIG ONE.

St. Patrick's Day

First up is St. Patrick's Day! Considering mine and PatP's Irish ancestry, we wanted to go big or go home when it came to decorating spawn and DID PATP KILL IT OR WHAT? The green! The gold! The pot o' gold! The rainbow! The Irish flags on literally anything that will support an Irish flag! It's easily the most beautiful thing EVER!

Also (since a drunken brawl can be a side effect of St. Patrick's day) to get you all into the Warzone we've put a few exclusive "Lucky" name tags in the chests! So get down there and let out your inner Irish :)

Also, remember during the Olympics when I did random boss spawns and it was LITERALLY SO FUN? We're doing that for St. Patrick's Day too! So as long as spawn is decorated, there is a chance that an egg will be on it's way.

Speaking of St. Patrick's Day, don't forget that we're in the midst of the March Build Contest! The deadline is only a week away, so finish up your realms and make sure you submit them BEFORE 9:00 a.m. PST on Friday, March 16, 2018.

Store Stuff

Last but not least, the more astute of you (jk you're all astute :) <3) may have noticed the vast majority of our store is missing. The reason why is we've decided to go legit and comply to Minecraft's EULA. As a result, we've need to review our inventory to make sure we're not breaking any rules. But don't freak out! The item's you've already purchased WILL NOT be taken away or changed in any way. This also means that you better keep your eyes on the horizon for some new and exciting things coming to SkyRealms!

That's it for me this week guys! If you see me in-game come say hi (or do like most of you do and wait until I'm afk before punching me in the face ;P).


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i like the new name tag and the spawn:) but i want to know why there is /sellhand or /sellall please add it it will be more easer to sell stuff and please make the gunpoder more price and let the tnt craftable
and good update <3
my guess is this is unknown, else they would've mentioned.
please dont crit me if im wrong, its just what i think judging by what i have to go off of