Suggest a Name Tag

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I know many of you have had suggestions for new name tags, so use this thread to suggest some new ones and maybe if yours is good enough you'll see it added in game!

Keep in mind that SUPER specific nametags probably won't work. We need some good ideas for ones that will appeal to lots of players.

And of course keep it appropriate. If your suggestion is added you'll even get that nametag when its available! :)

Get those creative juices flowing!


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[Fear Me]
[Love me]
[Player Hunter]
[Player Killer]
[Best pvp]
[Warzone God]
[Warzone Warrior]
[Warzone Scrub]
[Best Pvper]
[Skywar's God]
[Skywar's Warrior]
[Skywar's Scrub]
[Anime] Cost $99.99 Usd ;)
[InsanityS <3 God]
[I Don't Do Irls ok?]
[Waachaa <3]
[Bounty Hunter]

Need This Tag #MUST;)