Small Additions - 10/23/18

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A small little update came over night, and here is the post explaining the additions/changes.

Voting is back on the server! If you would like to vote for the server, you can do so using the /vote command in game.
Doing the /vote command should bring up this menu;

Book and Quill - Click this item to get the link to vote for the server!
Emerald - This is where you will come back, after voting and claim your reward!

You can vote for the server once every 24 hours.
Once you have voted, type /vote again, click the emerald and you will be given a Vote Key.
Take this key over to the Crate Master found at /spawn and see what you get!

Item In Chat
[item] is back and better than ever! For those that do not know, [item] is used to link the item in your hand and put it in your chat!
Previously, [item] only worked on the /spawn and it was pretty restricted in it's abilities.
With the addition of this new plugin, there comes a couple new features with it as well!
[item] will now display the amount of items being held.
[item] works in messages! You can now message people linked items instead of having to put it in public chat.
[item] Will display the full custom name of your item.
10 second cool-down between linked items.
Putting the message "Hey guys check out my sword! [item] It's so OP." while holding an item, it would be shown like this;

Hovering over the item will show all lore with the proper colors and info!

Glow Crate
We have also added a new item to the webstore! A "Random Glow Crate"! This is a "Crate" like item which upon purchase can be placed and opened!
Opening this crate will give you one of the five possible Player Glows! The Glow that you receive will be given to you as a Redeemable Voucher.
You can purchase this Crate from the "Crates" section on the webstore! You can use /buy in game or visit this link!
RIGHT CLICKING at any point while the voucher is in your hand will use it. This includes opening chests, furnaces, NPC's, etc.
Available Colors:
Light Purple
Dark Blue

If you would like to see how the crate opens and/or functions, view the video below!