SkyRealms Giveaway! How to enter? Read post!

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To enter this give away, all you need to do is like this post!
3 Random Winners will be drawn on Monday Dec. 10th 2018.
Once everyone has liked the post and Monday has some around, the 3 Winners will be randomly chosen by drawing 3 random numbers using These numbers will correspond with someone who has liked the post.

Once the winners have been chosen, they will get their places reward at my Realm!

1st Place Prizes:
- x1 Full SkyTitan Set with Random Enchants
- x1 Dark Red Player Glow
- x1 SkyTitan Pickaxe
- x1 SkyTitan Sword
- x2 100% Enchant Cleansers
- x3 Legendary Enchantment Books
- x15 Epic Enchantment Books

2nd Place Prizes:
- x2 Full SkyTitan Sets with Random Enchants
- x2 SkyTitan Pickaxes
-x2 SkyTitan Swords
- x2 100% Enchant Cleaners
- x15 Rare Enchantment Books
- x10 Epic Enchantment Books

3rd Place Prizes:
- x1 Full SkyTitan Set Random Enchants
- x1 SkyTitan Pickaxe
- x1 SkyTitan Sword
- x1 60% Enchant Cleanser
- x5 Epic Enchantment Books
- x10 Rare Enchantment Books
- x5 Common Enchantment Books

+1 More Lucky User!
@Pat is sponsoring a 4th Prize in this giveaway which will be a free Rank Upgrade! If you're already SkyTitan, you will NOT eligible to win this sponsored prize and a new winner will be drawn. You can still win the above prizes, just not the rank upgrade. Winner will be chosen the same way as the other 3 people.

!! NOTICE !!

I have a SkyTitan kit ready to claim in 29h and 49m I will claim and open the crate and I might add to the giveaway, but that will be the last thing added I will not be adding anymore items to this giveaway.

So all you have to do is like this post and on the 10th of December I will choose 3 winners with a random number generator. Hope you all like this post and I wish you all the best of luck!

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