SkyRealms - Beta

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Hello, Everyone!

After several months of hard work, we are thrilled to announce the beta release of SkyRealms!

When we set off to build SkyRealms, we knew we wanted to build a server that focused on inclusivity and community. That's why early on in the design process we decided to build the technology required to support all of our players playing together. SkyRealms does away with the traditional server picker and allows players to play and interact with each other regardless of what server they are on.

While the server is in beta, we will be relying on you the community to help us find any bugs (which I'm sure there will be tons of), balance the game, and help us come up with new additions that will make the server more enjoyable for everyone.
so i logged onto it and i tried to play and its saying im not whitelisted? what does that mean? and i created a claim and it kicked me off and lost everything...whats up with that or is it just because its a new server?