Skeppy Style Event

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Skeppy Style Event
Time/Location: This event will be located @ /visit HelperTraining on Sunday right after battle arena and reboot. Reboot will end around 7 PM EST 4 PM PST.
Objective: In this event you must run around an obstacle course WITHOUT stopping or slowing down (will explain what is and what isn't acceptable for slowing down in the rules later).

RULES and how to play:
No TPing to other players participating in the event
2. No armor or holding any light weight items
3. You ARE ALLOWED to sprint jump, sprint, walk, or walk & jump
4. If we see you walking in the opposite direction that we tell you to go, or walk side to side to prevent progress (going forward) we will tell you to /warp to the spectator zone, if you don't we will either TP you or realm ban you (with no chance of revival)
5. Slowing down from a cobweb, running into a block for too long, or being stuck in water will be considered as a "death"
6. If you barely clip water or a block slowing you down slightly, it will not disqualify you.
7. All in all, do not slow down, just keep walking/sprinting in the direction we tell you to.
These are a lot of specific rules so if you have questions/concerns please PM me.
Revival: I recommend when you get out, do /warps and warp to the spectator or dead zone (we might just tell you to do that when we see you stop running) because at any random time I will do one revival (like Skeppy) to those who are on the platform.

- $100M IGM, AZRAAK boss egg, 100% enchant cleanser x10, RUN! name tag
Second - $80M IGM, Queen boss egg, 100% enchant cleanser x8, RUN! name tag
Third - $60M IGM, Golem King boss egg, 100% enchant cleanser x6, RUN! name tag
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