Single Elimination PvP Tournament!

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Staff member
Hello Everyone! Today I bring to you, a Single Elimination PvP Tournament!


This Tournament will be Single Elimination, meaning you are no longer allowed to participate after a single defeat.
Anyone may enter by liking this post.
I look forward to seeing how everyone performs!

How will it work?
After everyone has entered, by liking this post as mentioned previously, I will be drawing up the Brackets and matching up opponents entirely by random and then contacting those two players so they may fight.

We have an arena set up at /event where other players/participants may view from the sidelines, which is where the Tournament shall be hosted from.


1st Place:
- Rank Upgrade
- Champion Name Tag
- Mystic Crate
- Airship Realm Theme
- 4 Headless Wither Skeleton Spawners
- 1 Legendary Creeper Dust Spawner
- $5,000,000 IGM

2nd Place:
- GKit of Your Choice
- Vexed Crate
- 2 Headless Wither Skeleton Spawners
- Airship Realm Theme
- 1 Legendary Creeper Dust Spawner

- 5 Zombie Spawners
- $3,000,000 IGM

Runner Up Prizes:
- Assassin Name Tag
- Ancient Crate
- 3 Zombie Spawners
- 1 Headless Wither Skeleton Spawner
- 1 Epic Creeper Dust Spawner
- Castle Realm Theme
- $1,500,000 IGM

Will it be 1.8 PvP?
Yes, it will be 1.8 everything which includes damage.

What happens if I disconnect during the fight due to other issues?
The match will automatically forfeit you, however we will restart the match to be fair.

Do we need to bring our own gear?
No, we will provide a kit for you before the match starts.

Will I be able to bring the gear to my realm or spawn after fighting?
No. The event server will take the gear away from you, and in the event that does not happen, it will still not transfer anything you have from the event server over to the regular spawn/build server.

When will the Tournament start?
Hopefully sometime next week.

When will being allowed to enter end?
One week from now, so on the 22nd of April.

If you have any questions regarding the tournament, please feel free to ask any Staff member.