September 5th, 2019 - September Crate, SkyTitan Crate Changes & Sorcerer Update!

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Hello everyone! We bring you another update that a lot of you have been waiting for!


We apologise for the long delay on the September Crate, but it is finally here for all of you to enjoy!
This Crate features some very new cosmetics only available in this months Crate!
You can purchase the Crate here! -


Something a lot of you have been waiting for is now here! Yes, we have updated the SkyTitan Crate feature new cosmetics that are only available in the new SkyTitan Crate. We have decided to make this Crate an entirely different item to the previous one, so the previous SkyTitan Crates will remain as they are, and will not be updated to the current version. Claim your SkyTitan kit with /kit SkyTitan!


Today we add a new addition to the Sorcerer's powers! He will now allow you to trade 4 Legendary Upgrade Tokens for a Mystery Enchantment Cleanser! This Cleanser will have be a random percentage after you trade for it, however it will not be a random 1-100% Cleanser. It will be a random 50-100% Cleanser! You can find the Sorcerer at /spawn opposite of the large portal with a bunch of other NPCs!