RESET. Season 3.0 now begins!

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Hello! Today, the server has opened after the RESET! This will mark the beginning of Season 3 on SkyRealms.
With the new reset, there comes many changes. Most of which involves balance changes.
This will mark the start of a fresh economy that has hopefully changed since last season.
If you're wondering WHY we reset, it was because.. Why not? Most people wanted a reset based on a poll we did in the Discord.
This gives everyone a chance to be at the top this Season! Read below for the list of changes.


We have added Advancements to the server! These advancements are meant to be something to do while already playing the server. There are 4 tiers of advancements.
Each tier consists of 10 advancements for a total of 40. Each tier has 7 "Tasks", 2 "Challenges" and 1 "Goal". Tasks are meant to be pretty simple and give you a low reward. The 2 Challenges are optional, but they give the best reward and are meant to be difficult. The 1 Goal is the advancement you must complete to move on to the next tier. You can view the reward for your advancement in it's description.
Once you have completed an advancement, you will claim the reward in /rewards. Or use the "Postmaster" at spawn! Once you have claimed the Goal reward in a tier, you will be progressed to the next tier. These advancements rage in the task they will ask for. Some of the types of advancements include crafting, killing, beheading, smelting, looting and mining among other things.

Halloween Event

Check out the new Halloween event going on until early November! Break Jack o'Lanterns in the WarZone for a chance at a "Pumpkin Pie". Pumpkin Pies are a type of Currency only found during this event. Trade them into "Mr Halloween" at /spawn for some exclusive Armor and Cosmetics! Check them out by visiting Mr Halloween at /spawn.

Spawn has also got a little make over to fit the event. You will find a spooky Halloween theme through out the spawn and NPCs.

Realm Changes

New Starter Island
We have updated the starter island for your Realm! We have switched it up and given a small face lift. Not that it matters as most people will brutally destroy the master piece that is the starter island. Hope on the server and /claim if you don't have an island this season!

Realm Themes
That's right! Realm Themes are back! You can select your Realm's theme by typing /realm and clicking the painting! For those that do not know, Realm Themes change the look of your Realms bridge! This allows for your Realm to have a little special look compared to others, or allow you to have a bridge that fits the theme of your Realm. You can purchase some Realm Themes from the store, as well as finding them in thing like Keys, Bosses and other players selling them.
If you had a Realm Theme on Season 1, or used a voucher for one during Season 2, you should still have access to that theme! Piggybacking off the re-addition of themes, check out Mr Halloween's shop to get a shot at the limited time Halloween Realm Theme! (Built by @EternalSky)

Mob Spawning
Natural Mob Spawning has been turned on in the Realms (also in the WarZone)! This means you're able to create vanilla spawner systems. Beware of the dangers a creeper may present when sneaking up to you in your Realm! They may not destroy blocks, but they do hurt. Friendly mobs should also spawn given that you have the proper set up. You cannot disable mobs from spawning in your Realm, so make sure to light up your areas!

Enchant Changes

Reworked Enchantment Books
Many people stated that GKits were very easily obtainable last season, we have introduced our new enchanting system which has been running on JailBreakMC, our Prison server.
How does this system work?
You still get books the normal ways you would last season, they're just now these updated books. This system does add more randomness when it comes to getting maxed out items on the server. So you may feel a little bit more of a grind when trying to make sets and tools.
When receiving an "Enchantment Book" at Common rarity, you will then need to drag the book into the item you would like to enchant (as shown in the video above).
This "Common Enchantment Book" (and all Enchantment Books) will have a Success Chance. This is the chance that a book will put an Enchant on the item you clicked onto it. If your book fails, the book will be destroyed and the item left unharmed. If your book succeeds, then it will try to apply an enchant at that Book's rarity. Meaning that if you apply a Common Enchantment Book to a Diamond Helmet, it will apply a Common enchantment to that item if it succeeds. If you would like to apply Rare enchant, you would need a Rare Enchantment Book, and so on. One random enchant of the books rarity will be applied to the item when succeeding.
If you would like to see the rarity of a specific enchant, you can type /enchant and check them out. Please note that all tool enchants are Legendary rarity (except unbreaking).

Enchantment Dusts
As usual, Enchanting Dust can be obtained by checking out the Scrapper. Place an Enchantment Book in the Scrapper, and get 20% of it's value in dust! You will get the same rarity of dust as the book you put in. Use this dust on other Enchantment Book of the same rarity to up it's Success Chance!
Unfortunately, the Scrapper only cares for books right now, so you cannot scrap armor. This will change as when update the plugin.

Enchanting Display
When you enchant an item with Enchantment Books, you will see that the enchantments on the items are now colored and in order! The enchants now show the color of the rarity of the enchant. It is in order with the Legendary enchants on top and Common on the bottom.

Total Enchants Amount Changed
Last season, no one really died.. This was mostly because 9 enchants is too much, and some unbalanced enchants. So we have decided to lower the total amount of enchants ranks can have. The new max number of enchants has been changed from 9 to 7 at SkyGod rank. The enchant limits are as follows:
Default - 4
Hero - 5
Knight - 5
Lord - 6
Duke - 6
SkyGod - 7

We believe this is a great change to the PVP experience and we hope it leads to more balanced (and hopefully fun!) fights in the WarZone.

Enchant Balances
We have balanced some pretty vital enchants to Season 2. One of the most nerfed is Reinforced. A whole set of Reinforced 4 (including off-hand) will now only grant you 10 additional hearts. This is a big change from the old amount.
Pickpocket has been nerfed, as well as a cap added to the max amount of money you can take from a player in 1 proc. At Pickpocket 4 you will only be able to steal $25,000, versus the % of player's total balance.​

Enchantment Removal
Reworked Enchantment Cleansers have been added to the server. These are much more dangerous and risky. Enchant Cleansers have a success chance just like Enchantment Books.. However, failing with these can mean trouble. When your Cleanser succeeds, you will be able to pick the specific enchant you wish to remove from the item. You will not get a book with the enchantment you removed. All it does is removes the enchant from your item.
However.. If you fail, a random enchant will be removed from the item! This could be any enchantment on the item, at any rarity. You may get lucky and it removes the enchant you want gone, but most likely not.
Currently, there isn't a way to up the success chance of Cleansers.. So high percentages will likely be scarce.



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Economy/Price Changes

Shop Changes
If you check out the shops at /spawn, you will see most of the items prices are the same. However, there are some additions and some changes.
A couple items have been added to the shop, and a couple removed.

- You can now sell ores/mined minerals in block form.
- Prismarine/Prismarine Bricks/Dark Prismarine has been added to the shop.
- Coal sell price increased.
- Sugarcane sell price decreased.
- Hoppers price increased.
- All spawner prices adjusted.
- Witch and Creeper spawners added.

Normal Iron Golem and Gold Golem Spawners has been exiled from the server until a later date. If you visit the shop and check out the spawners, you will see that the Iron Golem spawner has been replaced with an Iron Ore Golem spawner. That's right, these spawners will drop Iron Ore and Poppies instead of Iron Ingots and Poppies. This will introduce a little extra work into grinding the spawners.

Hopper Change
Hoppers can no longer be crafted, meaning that you must buy them from the shop at a steep price, buy them from other players, or venture out into the WarZone and loot them from chests. We did this to limit the initial amount of money you can make from setting up automated devices in the beginning phases of a players adventure.

Cobble Generator Upgrades
The price of upgrading your Cobble Generator has been increased at each level.

XP Trader
Books being sold from the XP Trader have had their prices increased. The new prices are as follows.
Common - 2,500 XP
Rare - 7,500 XP
Epic - 17,500 XP
Legendary - 25,000 XP

Profit Shops
For the time being, profit shops have effectively been disabled (at least when it comes to typical mineral and crop profit). You can not sell a mineral in your Player Shop (Chest Shop) for less than the shop. This means that if one Iron Ingot sells for $2 at spawn and you wish to sell it to people in a player shop, the lowest you will be able to go is $2. You will not be able to list it for any lower.

TNT Change
Due to the amount of AFK lag-the-server-and-make-millions machines from last season, we made a change to how TNT works. TNT will no longer break blocks on your Realm. If you blow up TNT, no damage will be done to the terrain. You can still use TNT to damage mobs and other entities though.

Other Small Changes
- Player Glows have been added to the server. Only glow currently is Gold, available from Mr Halloween.
- A new /help command has been add to the server.
- Nether has been disabled until we are able to update it and get it to standard with some new content.
- Boss rewards should be fixed, meaning everyone in Top 5 gets all their items.
- Bosses have been added back to the store since rewards have been fixed.
- Realm themes have been added back to the store.
- Dueling has been removed until further notice. We will probably add it back, but with less duel server.​
Awesome, Seems Like a Good Grind, should last longer this season. Lil confusing as to how it all works from last season's transition Hopefully, our attention is Kept better... I now have 3 demanding Attractions it's hard to focus on just one :D xD
Let's See where the Sky takes us this time ;p
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