New Name Tags, Build Contest, Parkour Event + more.

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Hello everyone, we have some additions for you, upcoming events + some balance changes.
Check out the interview I gave to a site called Angry Mob at the bottom of the post. I have never done one before, so go easy on me. :)
Also at the bottom, we have a poll for people to participate in if you would like. It's about which feature you would like to see next on the server.

New Name Tags
We have added some new Name Tags for your guys to obtain on the server.
The following Name Tags are all available for purchase on the store, in the Name Tags section.
Gold Digger


Available as a new reward in Epic Keys, traded in at the Trade Master.

Available as new rewards in Crates, available for purchase on the store in the Item Crates section.
[OP] - Vexed Crate
TOMB - Ancient Crate


New Build Contest
We have launched a new Build Contest for all the builders on the server to participate in, as usual the event will have the same rewards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
If you do not know what those rewards are, here is the list;
1st Place - $50 Webstore Coupon
2nd Place - $20 Webstore Coupon
3rd Place - $10 Webstore Coupon
Each Placement Will Also Get A Player Glows Crate!

The Build Contest's theme this time is Spring OR Easter. Please build something that represents one (or both) of the two themes.
Our Spring/Easter Build Contest ends on Friday April 12th @ 9AM EST.
Please submit your realm by then if you are competing. Please also leave all event related builds up till April 19th to allow them to be judged.

You can see all Build Contest related info and submit your realm using the command /buildcontests

Parkour Event
@Pikachu1185 is hosting a parkour event this Saturday!

This Saturday (March 30th) at 5:30PM EST / 9:30PM GMT.
/visit SybaPhoenix (second realm)
Simply run /visit SybaPhoenix once the realm has been made public on Saturday!
Top 3 placements in the parkour event will be rewarded! See below for more info.

Event Rules
If you plan on participating in the parkour event, you will need to know and follow the following rules for the event;
- No Block Glitching
- No Teleporting
- No Potions
- No Armor
(on person or off-hand)

If you are found to be breaking these rules when the event happens, you will be sent back to the beginning of the course. If you continue to disobey, you will be disqualified from the event.

Event Rewards
As stated above, Top 3 placements will be granted rewards.
Click the spoiler below to see the rewards.
1st Place:
Rank Upgrade
[Bunny] Name Tag
Dark Gray Player Glow
Bird Cage Realm Theme
$3,000,000 IGM
x6 Blaze Spawners

2nd Place:
Vexed Crate
[Bunny] Name Tag
Gray Player Glow
Bird Cage Realm Theme
$2,000,000 IGM
x4 Blaze Spawners

3rd Place:
Ancient Crate
[Bunny] Name Tag
White Player Glow
Bird Cage Realm Theme
$1,000,000 IGM
x2 Blaze Spawners

Small Changes, Additions & Balances

= Change to existing feature.
- Removed from existing server and/or feature.
+ Newly added to server and/or feature.
x Fixed issue, feature or bug.

Vexed Crate Changes:
= Changed x3 Creeper Spawners to x3 Blaze Spawners
+ Added new [OP] Name Tag as possible reward.

Ancient Crate Changes:
= Upped money reward amounts from $200,000 & $350,000 to $300,000 & $550,000
- Removed Yellow & White Player Glows as possible drops.
+ Added Baby Ghast miniature pet as possible drop.
+ Added a Dragon's Head as a possible drop.
+ Added new TOMB Name Tag as a possible drop.
+ Added "Silky Ancient Pickaxe" as possible drop.

Player Glows Crate Changes:
= Upped total reward amount from 1 glow, to 2 glows per crate.
= Decreased Iron Ore Golem spawner price to $2,000,000.
= Increased Blaze Spawner shop price to $500,000.
= Changed Blaze Rod unit price for player shops to $9 to allow $1 profit with player shop.
- Removed Diamond Armor & Tool Set from Epic Keys rewards.
+ Added EPIC Name Tag as a possible drop in Epic Keys rewards.
+ Added regular Iron Golem spawner to shop with price of $4,000,000.
+ Added Melons & Pumpkins to Farming shop.
+ Added Redstone blocks to Redstone shop.
+ Added a /apply command to see the staff applications info.
x Fixed bug where stacked saddles bought from the shop would be taken.

Interview for Angry-Mob
I recently did an interview for a neat little site called
They do interviews & articles about various gaming communities across the internet.
It was a fun experience as I have never done an interview before, so go give it a read if you're into that kind of thing.
Click here to be taken to the interview.

Questions & Poll
Below you can participate in a poll about which features you would like to see on the server next.
There is only a few options, as some things (like End Raids) are not possible to add back.
If you would like something added that is not on the poll, feel free to express features you would like to see in the comments.
Click here to be taken to the poll.
Okay, so I'm talk about the new update of picking which one is coming to Skyrealms soon. For some that is a hard choice just like for me. My thoughts are pretty simple Custom Spawners, Lottery/Gambling System, Auction House at /spawn, and Duels/Dueling would all be a good new future to Skyrealms saying half of us have been playing sence S1 or S2 we are used to Custom spawners and Duels and some people really enjoy both spawners earn money and people like to strive from bal top #1 to be the "best." But the reason I also put lottery and Auction house was because there are people who have money on the server that just don't know really what to do with it and want to either blow it or spend it on things they need and gambling is something they can do when they get bored or need money and it would really balance out the server in a way of helping people that have a hard time on the server to get money. Also, the Auction house a REALLY good idea for the fact of not everyone has the same timezone so if someone is wishing to sell something it could be quiet hard say if you had an AU timezone so the Auction house could really help with that it could also help because some player don't get recognized in chat. And another thing I'd personal like you guys to add is something where people can win rank upgrade weither thats threw vote keys epic keys leggy keys idk but its a good idea because some player can afford the ranks there are some less unfortunate people out there that struggle with and they or there parents buy them a rank this would not only help in the community but also make player have a bigger/ better reason to play your server.