New gkits, hub chooser, and new bosses

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May 19, 2017
A galaxy far far away...
New gkits
Enchanter: The enchanter gkit contains 1 legendary encrypted book, 2 epics, 3 rares, 4 commons. Also has Enchanter helmet, that has guaranteed Reinforced and Lightweight. Has a chance to have snowstorm, absorbing, enlightened, hastened, and kadabra. Has a 3 day cooldown. Costs $29.99
Necromancer: The necromancer will be hard to explain. Ok, so it will go like this. The necromancer sword has a guaranteed Heavy Hand and new Deadbringer enchant. The deadbringer enchant has 4 levels, and each level ups the chance of it actually working. What it does is as you attack, it has a (very very small) chance to bring back the dead of someone you killed recently, and that (dead) person has a random weapon that they had in their hotbar, and will use that weapon. Also has a chance to have wolf pack, new rise of the undead enchant, with one level, that has a chance to spawn skeletons and zombies, and final blow. Also has necromancer chest plate, that has guaranteed lightweight and reinforced. Also has a chance to get Valor, withering, life steal, and snares. Costs $24.99.
Wizard: The wizard gkit contains a wizard sword, that has a guaranteed heavy hand, large fireball, and frostbite. Has a chance to have life steal, snare, lightning, and slow. Also has wizard Leggings, that has a guaranteed reinforced and lightweight. Has a chance to have to have snowstorm, kadabra, hastened, enlightened, and valor.
Hub chooser
The reason why I want this is so that I can get on the hub my sister and friends are, instead of constantly claiming and unclaiming. Another reason is that when I go to spawn to sell something, I see that there is a golem king going on. I go get my gear, and then try to find the spawn server that has it. By the time I find it, golem king just died. So my solution is to have a hub switcher for claiming and for spawn, and what it will show up on the switcher is which boss is active on that server and the health. That way you can actually see what boss is going on.
New bosses!
So, the only bosses we have is golem king, but it costs $20! So I have an idea. New bosses that may be cheaper, and offer more variety. And I have an idea that may not be possible. Maybe make the bosses bigger? I just think it would look cooler, but that is just me.
Skeleton King
The skeleton king has attacks based on arrows. 1. Smash just like golem king. 2. Arrow storm, which fires arrows all over. 3. Rapid fire, which fires arrows at a fast speed. Rewards are legendary books, xp, spawners, and skeleton king gear, that is basically downgraded golem king gear with different enchants. Costs $10
Zombie King
Zombie king has attacks based on biting and scratching. 1. Smash just like golem king. 2. Zombie raise, which spawns some zombies on the arena. 3. Bite, which he bites multiple people, that may make them bleed. 4. Scratch, which is a downgraded bite. The rewards are gear that has enchants similar to his attacks, legendary books and dust, xp, and others. Costs $7.50
The Witch
The witch has attacks based on potions. 1. Poison, that causes many people to be poisoned. 2. Weaken, which slows and gives people weakness. 3. Boost, which gives her buffs like regen, resistance, and others. 4. Damage, which damages everyone. Rewards are Witch gear, that is gear with enchants that hurt people that attack you, books, xp, dust, spawners, etc. Cost is $9.99
Spider Queen
The spider queen has many different attacks. 1. Web, which spawns cobwebs around the arena. 2. Bite, which players that get attacked bleed. 3. Swarm, which spawns in spiders and cave spiders. 4. Venom Bite, which can give players poison and bleed. Rewards are spider queen gear, books, dust, xp, spawners, and others. Cost is $15

Ok, as you can see this took me FOREVER to make. Do you agree? I would like to hear your opinions.


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Mar 17, 2017
Ontario, Canada
There might be a Witch Boss coming the other day one of the devs spawned a "Witch" in the arena and people were battling in the arena against it.

It might of been a one time thing for testing but it's a good sign there should be more to come
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May 2, 2017
Hub chooser will never be an add on. The only reason you cannot get on the server you desire is because its full. So it chooses a different one.
May 23, 2017
I like the idea wizard and enchanter but seriously reinforced and lightweight on them guaranteed thats so op


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Mar 20, 2017
a Gkit with reinf and Lightweight guaranteed thats gonna be deemed as P2w. Next up those are gset enchants and ppl want it in a kit lol, just build one

New bosses added, and already been testing witches. Next up there is commands to switch spawn to spawn without going back. But to choose a server to claim on just claim a realm in tht server by visiting someone with a claim there after a server reboot


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Mar 24, 2017
NeoMC's backyard
True, I just did this so late at night that I had no idea what I was doing.
What if it showed available servers you could get on? It would cause less unclaiming which I think would cause less lag.

Lightweight will never be fixed, accept it.

Btw the enchanter gkit was my idea way back when I was knight(memories)
If lightweight is never fixed I will get so angry I will go insane
Apr 11, 2017
What if it showed available servers you could get on? It would cause less unclaiming which I think would cause less lag.

If lightweight is never fixed I will get so angry I will go insane
It's not going to be, they want us to buy skygod to use it.