Nether, Scrapping Armor + New Rank! - 11/09/18

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Hello everyone. Today we have finished working on a couple things you guys have been asking for since the beginning of Season 3.
We hope you guys enjoy these additions. :)

The nether has been added back to the server! As usual, you can access the nether the same way you could before. For players that don't know, you can simply make a Nether Portal at your Realm, or use someone elses! However.. There have been some changes made, and they've made the Nether a bit more of a challenge..
World Generation
The world has a new generation, which has it more like a normal world that is nether themed. There are different biomes in the nether, and this includes caves in the ground, ravines, dungeons, and custom structures being generated each time the nether resets (which is when it reboots at 4PM EST). Of course, Nether Castles are still generated in the world, do you can get your hands on those sweet Wither Skulls & Blaze Spawners.
Here are a couple screenshots of some generation in the nether.

You may feel like the nether is a bit more difficult.. Well that is the case, on purpose. The nether is and was never meant to be somewhere easy to experience or a breeze for people with no armor. With that said, there has been a couple mob additions to the Nether, as well as increased spawning on some mobs. Just like last season, the Zombie Pigman are always angry at you and wanting to attack. You will also see some skeletons, and even some Vex in the nether! We advise that you do not enter the nether without decent armor and Fire Resistance potions, or just bring stuff you don't care about losing. However, beware..

You may also come across a much tougher opponent...

Nether Guardian
If you happen to come across a certain structure in the world with an Dragon Egg sitting in the middle, you may want to think twice before trying to investigate.
This structure is home of the first Mini-Boss! The NETHER GUARDIAN! That's right, a free mini-boss for everyone to enjoy, in the nether.
This boss is meant to be a nice little mission to accomplish for those hardcore players who want to take down anything and everything.

Anyone is able to spawn the boss by breaking the Dragon Egg in the middle. At that point, the "Nether Guardian" (MOB: Blaze) will spawn from the egg.
This Mini-Boss has 4 total abilities:
Smash - Much like the Golem King, the boss will smash into the ground, sending you flying away from him.
Ghast Army - Summon Ghasts for backup which will shoot at you.
Skeleton Army - Summons Skeletons around the boss which will only get more annoying unless dealt with.
Levitate - This will cause you, and everything living around you, to levitate (yes, including the skeletons). During Levitation, you will take minor amounts of damage for every second in the air.

Since this is a Mini-Boss which has the ability to be spawned multiple times a day, the rewards given work a little bit different than the bosses only spawned in the arena.
Only 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be given a reward. The people in the 3 spots will be given 1 item each when claiming it in /rewards. 1st place rewards have the possibility for some rare loot! If you're good enough, you might even be able to take on the Guardian solo!

Woah! Guess what, we have a new rank in store.. SkyTitan! Makes sense after SkyGod. SkyTitan has a couple extra perks over the SkyGod rank. You can view below to see some of the key additions to the rank, but you will need to check the store's description to see everything offered.

Tree Chopper
- Automatically Chop down a whole tree with an axe! You can toggle this ability with /tc. Axe durability is accounted for when breaking the whole tree. You can view a video demo by clicking here.
Banner Maker - Create unlimited custom banners, including banners normally uncraftable, for only $250 each. Rule the server with your banner monopoly.
Speed - Ability to change your flight speed using the command /speed (speed is only changed on Realm servers)
Second Realm - Second Realm.. Because why not. Use it for fun, or storage, or events, or nothing.. But you have it!
RAINBOW GLOW - Get your hands on the epic RAINBOW Glow.. Only included with SkyTitan. Click here to see a preview of the glow. It also changes colors on tab as well.
SkyTitan Kit (WEEKLY) - Get your hands on the SkyTitan kit which comes every 7 days. Included in the kit are the following items;
1 x Diamond Armor | Protection 4 | Unbreaking 3 | Enlightened 1-4 (RANDOM) | Snowstorm 1-4 (RANDOM)
1 x Diamond Sword | Sharpness 5 | Unbreaking 3 | Looting 3 | Heavy Hand 4 | Disarmour 4
1 x Diamond Pickaxe | Efficiency 5 | Unbreaking 3 | Fortune 3 | Super Breaker 4
3 x Mystery Legendary Enchantment Books
1 x 100% Enchant Cleanser
Random Money Amount Between $100,000 - $500,000
Random EXP Amount Between 25,000 EXP - 100,000 EXP
1 x SkyTitan Kit Crate (Contains 1 of the below items)
[Epic Key]
[Legendary Key]
[100% Epic Enchantment Book]
[100% Legendary Enchantment Book]
[Underscore Username Style]
[Dark Red Username Style]
[BOSS Name Tag]
[Dark Red Player Glow]

Make sure to check out the store for the list of full perks which include things like /colorme d and other typical things like bigger realm size, bigger enderchest and more!

SkyGod Addition
As I was making SkyTitan, I decided to throw in a little perk for the SkyGods on the server. SkyGods can now automatically sort their chests when they're closed! You will have to toggle on with the command /sort. You can also use this command to turn sorting off. Any chest that you have access to, you can sort. You cannot choose how things are sorted, the plugin handles all of that. So, if you want to get rid of those messy chests, make sure to turn on /sort!

Scrapping Armor
Scrapping Armor has been added back into the game! You can now visit the Scrapper at /spawn and you will be asked which type of scrapping you would like to do, books or gear. You can scrap your Enchantment Books for Dusts of the same rarity, used to increase the success chance of a book. When you scrap Armor, you get EXP based on the enchants that are on the item. You may notice that there has been a nerf in the amount of EXP you get for the enchants compared to last season. This is to keep in line with the other balance changes made this season. You cannot scrap your tools, but we may add that functionality later on.

Hope you enjoy! :)