MyUsernameIsEpic Almost IRL deal scammed me (might try to do it to someone else)

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Today, I was looking for an Irl deal and MyUsernameIsEpic agreed to buy me Knight -> Lord for 4.5mil plus 6 legendary books.
When I told him that Irl Deal scammers get Perm IP banned, he suddenly confessed he was going to scam me. I didn't put this
under player reports because he agreed to not scam again and he didn't technically scam me. I explained to him how I earn my
money and helped him get a better idea of how farms on Minecraft skyblock work. I believe he will not try to scam again.
But then again, some people never learn. Below, are some screenshots that show him admitting to trying to scam me.
(ps, when I say "you are not sorry", it was because he just tried to scam me 4.5mil and I was mad. I believe he is sorry when we talk after.)
2018-03-03_21.54.51 copy.png

I put this up so players know he has the potential of scamming, not to get revenge on him or anything, I hope you all know that.