Accepted My ban appeal

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1.Minecraft Username: Bcoffel 2. What were you banned for: Ban Evasion (NoHackJustBunny) 3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: No 4. Who banned you: CakeSpace 5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: First of all, Hello! I apologise to all staff involved in this and a big sorry to cake, I believe I should be given a second chance as I never wanted this to happen and was furious at bunny when it happend, I can only ask for a second chance. I believe I should be given this second chance as bunny no longer has access to my account or anyone for that matter, I never expected to log on one day and see that i was banned, I am dearly sorry and I'm keeping my account locked from everyone now. If my appeal were to be accepted, could u transfer my skygod rank to becoffel ( my alt ) and keep my main banned? Bunny has access to bcoffel and I forgot the security questions to my Bcoffel account and would like if it was all moved to becoffel the secure account, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this Yours Truly, Bcoffel


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Hello Bcoffel.

Thank you for creating this appeal, and if this is true that NoHacksJustBunny no longer has access to your alternative account, then your rank on your main account has been switched to your alt and you should be more than fine to play.

I would highly suggest you contact Mojang support if you have forgotten your security questions to your main account if you wish to have that back aswell.

- Accepted
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