More control over realm build theme

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As I have been playing this server since the end of season one, I have noticed that each player has their own unique building style. To help with this i had a few ideas to make the build(s) of each different realm of every player.

1. Add a way to cusomize the entry bridge to an island at realm space upgrade 3 or something.

2. In the xp market add a way to sell a realm spawn theme that allows a player to customize the island with the portal back to spawn. This would allow people to design their island between many different themes.

3. Also in a xp market add an item that allows temporary flight and it could just be 24hrs 48hrs 36 hrs etc. this would help all the non skygod /skytitan ranks to do better builds ...

These ideas have been running around my head for since about a week before the reset, and i would like to see these implemented to make the server better.
Please consider it, Jstowe56


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I like your ideas however there are a few floors with it.

1) Adding a way to customise your bridge is a cool idea however this would be hard to implement into the plugin as it would require a whole new set of "themes" section.

2) Adding custom themes could be a really cool idea, the portals at the back of the islands are really picky and hard to keep alive sometimes, so this would be harder, but if you removed the portals since pretty are no one uses them over /spawn. This would be a cool idea and could be interesting too see.

3) This would never be added as it is unfair on the players that bought the ranks, it has been suggested before and denied.

Overall I like your thread and ideas as they could be cool features too see added.