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Location: JuiceBoxMan96's 1st realm (/visit JuiceBoxMan96)
Date/Time: July 20th @ 1:30pm EST, 10:30am PST

First Place
: - $15 Million IGM - TWISTER Name Tag - Golem King Spawn Egg - 3x Legendary Keys
Second Place: - $10 Million IGM - TWISTER Name Tag - Wicked Witch Spawn Egg - 2x Legendary Keys
Third Place: - $5 Million IGM - TWISTER Name Tag - 2x Legendary Keys

-NO /fly
- No using armour or any item that will give you a speed buff. There is a beacon giving speed already, and speed likely won't help the invisible section.
- No TPing other players to you. (This will result in an immediate Realm Ban!)
- No messaging other players the correct route to take. (If we find you doing so, you will be Realm Banned!)

If you have any questions regarding this event please contact a Staff member or reply to this thread!
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