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Maze Event!

Hello players of Skyrealms!
It has been a while since there was a server wide event, so I decided to make something big.

This is a maze event, however, there will be some parkour at the end just to make it a bit more interesting. The main part of the event is the maze though.
Since there has not been an event in a long time, the prizes for this event will be big. There will only be places for 3 people.

Here are the prizes for the first three places:

First Place:
-Black Player Glow
-Quartz Castle Realm Theme
-x3 Iron Golem Spawners
-$6,000,000 IGM
-New Nametag!
-Rank Upgrade (If you are already SkyTitan, message me and I will speak to you)
Second Place:
-Quartz Castle Realm Theme
-x2 Iron Golem Spawners
-$4,000,000 IGM
-New Nametag!
-GKit of Choice (If you already have all of the GKits, message me and I will speak to you)

Third Place:
-Quartz Castle Realm Theme
-x1 Iron Golem Spawner
-$2,000,000 IGM
-New Nametag!

-Ancient Crate


To make the event fair for everyone, armour and potions will not be allowed. Anyone caught wearing any armour or using potions will be warned.
If you do not remove the armour, you will be disqualified from the event!

And of course, flying will be disabled.


The event will be taking place on Saturday 16th of February and will be at 5p.m. EST.
To get to the event, you will need to do /visit Pikaaaa and go to my second realm named "Maze Event".
You will also be told in-game when the event will begin 30 minutes before the event.

When the event is over, I will be giving away $10,000,000 IGM and a full chain set to one lucky winner. To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is message me on discord you in game name and I will add you to the giveaway. Make sure you enter :)

Here is my discord, if you wish to enter:

Good Luck and Have Fun!



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Thanks to everyone who participated in the event!
Here are the winners, and congratulations!

First Place - Halux
Second Place - darkjoker470
Third Place - chewbacca1478

And for the giveaway, congratulations to TerraOmega!

Thank you all again for coming!
I hope you had fun!

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