May the Fourth be with you 0_o

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Happy late fourth of may amazing people!
I know I know there hasn't been an update for a long time now, so I am here to tell you all what happened between last update and this post.

Almost forgot, this week the shining star is Adventurer14! Congratz!! make sure to give him a visit and use his shops for some nice profit!

May build Contest
New month, new chances and most importantly new winners O-O
This month's theme is...........

Outerspace/Galaxy and it's inspired by may the fourth!

The judges are completely open minded so surprise them!!
Like always here are some rules to make it easier for everyone

Build Contest Judging Categories

Adherence to Theme - if the realm does not adhere to one of the month's themes, they are immediately disqualified.

Creativity - Creativity is judged both by the creativity of your overall build along with the creativity of the materials you choose.

Overall Aesthetic - Aesthetic is determined by multiple factors such as color coordination and symmetry to improve the overall visual effect of your realm.

Difficulty - Difficulty will examine both the complexity and difficulty levels of your build.

PLEASE LEAVE YOUR BUILD UP UNTIL THE WINNERS ARE ANNOUNCED, as I will be visiting realms for the week after the deadline to pick our finalists.

Finally, prizes! Winners for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will receive a gift card to the SkyRealms store along with the Architect name tag. Recognized honorable mentions will also receive some pretty awesome in-game loot!

1st Place - $50 Gift Card to SkyRealms store and Architect name tag
2nd Place - $20 Gift Card to SkyRealms store and Architect name tag
3rd Place - $10 Gift Card to SkyRealms store and Architect name tag

Now to the updates!

Key changes
After receiving a lot of feedback we decided to remove some prizes from keys and add some new ones

Epic Keys
-Dragon head
-Brewmaster nametag
-Annoying nametag
-Enchant cleanser
-Iron Golem/Zombie/Blaze/Pig Spawner
-Desert/Ice Realm Theme (Not added in game yet)

Legendary Keys
-Zombie/Skeleton/Blaze/Enderman/Iron Golem spawner
-Western/Nether/Mushroom/Castle/Obsidian Realm Themes (Not added in game yet)
-Up to 1 Mil In Game Currency
-Tough/Headhunter/Fancy/Fiery/Chilly Name tag
-Wicked Witch Boss Egg
-Golem King Boss Egg

Care Packages
Since a lot of people have been complaining that Care packages don't spawn due to there not being enough players at spawn we decided to change the minimum players at spawn needed to 10 players.

That's it for me guys :) Hope you have a great weekend​
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