May 10th, 2019 - Dueling System, THREE New Crates + Some Buffs and Nerfs!

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Hello everyone! Today we have some small additions we hope you guys enjoy!

Today we introduce the ability to duel other players! This Duel system IS NOT the same one as previous seasons.
We tried this system on our Prison server and it worked out pretty well, so we are now introducing it to SkyRealms with confidence it works reliably.
Duels currently have 3 kits, Archer, Protection 4 Diamond & Iron. We also have 1 Arena to go along with it at this time. We plan on introducing more kits, like a kit with full G-Set items, and arenas if players like the system.
We have also decided that dueling should use 1.8 PVP since that is what most players like, so they're 1.8 PVP!

What do you have to do to duel another player?
Well, first you and that player will have to use the command /duels.
The /duels command will take you to the duels server. Once you and the player have met in the duels lobby, you simply do /duel <username> (amount).
Keep in mind, the amount is a MONEY BET that can be made on that duel. It is OPTIONAL and not every duel needs to have a bet.
If you wish to QUEUE against random player who has also queued, you can use the available Queue Signs found on the wall!
All duels done through the queue sign have a default $0 Money Bet which cannot be changed.
If you wish to duel with a money bet, you will have to use the command and duel a specific player for that amount.

The duel server is just like the /event server (actually on the same server) and it will have a separate inventory, so it may look like you lost your items, but you have not.

Kits in the Duel also have ELO, and your ELO will go up or down (for that kit) depending on whether you win on lose the duel. Have a high ELO? Most likely means you win a lot of duels.
Everyone starts with a default ELO of 1400.
You also have the ability to check another player's stats AND their ELO on certain kits with the command /duel stats <username>. There are also various other commands to see info like checking the leader-board for wins, losses or ELO on a certain kit.

Click below to see a list of total commands that you can use!
If you wish to see these commands at any time, you can simply type the command /duel while on the duel server.

Here are what the queue signs look like:

As you can see, each kit has it's own queue so you can join the queue with the kit that best suits you.

Three New Crates Added
We have added THREE new crates to the webstore for players to enjoy! You can find out more info about the crates and their contents below.
All of the crates added can be found on the "Item Crates" section of our webstore here.

[MONTHLY] May Crate
We have added Monthly Crates which contains various cosmetics and rewards that will only be available for the month of May. After that, it's no longer purchasable.
We plan on adding a new monthly crate as each new month rolls around and remove the old one for good. So get the exclusive items while you can!

Atomic Crate
The Atomic Crate has everything someone could wish for in an item crate. Featuring 4 new items to the server that can only be found in this crate.

Realm Theme Crate
The Realm Theme Crate is a great deal for anyone that likes customizing the look of their spawn for a more unique and immersive feel to their island.
This crate also features five newly introduced Realm Themes that are available to everyone for the first time through this crate.
Get two Realm Themes for the price of one!

Ancient Crate
We have removed the Ancient Crate from the store due to smaller demand when compared to other crates. The Vexed & Player Glows Crates from before still remain.

Small Buffs Added
Below, you can find a couple buffs we did to a couple loot tables in the game.

Care Package Loot Buff
We have buffed the loot of the Care Packages slightly and removed some older, crappier items.
For those that do not know, Care Packages are loot filled boxes that drop in the WarZone at /spawn multiple times a day.
You should now be able to find 100% Crystals and Cleansers as possible drops in the Care Package.
We have also added in a NEW Name Tag that is EXCLUSIVE to the Care Packages.

Get to looting those Care Packages if you want the NEW Name Tag or any of the improved loot!

Boss Rewards Loot Buff
We have also slightly buffed the loot found when getting Top 5 damage in a boss battle!
Although we have not changed any of the items in the tables themselves, we have upped the possible item count you get when placing.
For example, before 1st Place on the Golem King was set to get 5 total items from their reward.
We have now changed it so you will still get at least 5 items, but now you can get up to 7 items (with at least 5 guaranteed).
2nd Place was set to 4 total items, but now you can get 4-6 items.
Each placement has had the total possible item cap raised by two instead of having a set amount each time.

Other Changes:
= Buff/Addition | [-] = Nerf/Removal | [/] = Bug Fix/Slight Change

[+] Slightly increased drop chance of Enchanting Dust in the Dust Creeper Spawners.
[+] Increased Headless Wither Skeleton Drops from 0-1 Coal and 0-2 Bones to 0-2 Coal and 0-4 Bones.
[/] Fixed chests in the WarZone not regenerating loot.
[-] Nerfed the Blaze Rod price in the shop from $10 per to $8 per.
The unit price for the rods in Player Shops have also dropped from $9 to $7.
[+] Added Luck of the Sea & Lure to the Rare enchantments on Fishing Rods.
[+] Also added a new "Repair" Legendary Enchantment for tools only, check it out in /enchants​
Rip the Ancient Crate :( I really liked that one, Now dragon heads are really hard to get, But ok

Love what you are doing with the server, Thx pat for all your doing now