Resolved many issues at the moment (since 2 days) ...

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Hi all !

(and please don't say "it is maybe on your side, I tested everything, on my side all runs great)

- it kick you out around 5 - 7 (!) times per day (for no reason)

- log in is often not possible ... during "Landschaft wird geladen" ("landscape is loading") is says connection lost
(even trying 10 times doesnt help)

- items in shop chests cannot be sold, because it have different NBT numbers (you see with F3 + h) also since 2 days

@DatDogGamer wrote ...
"I was at my Skyrealm and was AFKing for about 20 minutes. When I came back, I found i had died and lost all my items! The Skyrealm was lit up and no mobs could of possibly spawned. I hope you could possibly tell me what the "problem" is or if my death was some external cause. I apologize if this post isn't up to par as this is my first post.
IGN: DatDogGamer"

^^ was also on SkyRealm side
I expierenced exactly same "Randomly Died* at same time at /spawn !

Please fix this issues, it is kinda really unplayable at the moment with all this issues !

An other thing, why you always close all threads as fast as possible ?
Not everything in life / also at games is positive. You should really let some space for "discussion" also about not so nice things !



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You have raised valid points in this bug report.

The first point you make about being kicked 5-7 times a day is an issue we are currently working on. Its all to do with server lag and at the moment there is nothing we can do.

The shop issue was resolved and you can now sell items while offline.

As for randomly being killed people have been managing to spawn things in on peoples island, so I have heard. You may have died to one of this however if you find someone exploiting this please create a player report as this would class as bug abuse.

As for closing threads once an issue is resolved we lock them as there is no reason to discuss it.

I hope this has been of use to your problems and rest assured we are working on all of these issues.

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