lost blaze spawners

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So right after a reboot, I bought some blaze spawners *1.4m worth btw*. After I bought em, I tried to combine the stack with an old blaze spawner in my enderchest. then they just *disappeared*. Bought em from NotDrunkJustHigh if you guys need proof of it. I would like my 5 blaze spawners back because they glitched out. Thanks!


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Unless you can provide a screenshot or preferably video evidence of losing the spawners you won't get given them back.

They won't just take your word for it or ask someone else, simply because you could have come up with a deal with them to simply say something to get free spawners (Not saying you are doing this just stating the reasons), therefore staff can't take someone saying something as "evidence".

Trying to combine some spawners won't work in different stacks, it will have simply dropped both stacks on the floor or out of your inventory when trying to combine, if it was clear lag or over the void, that is just kinda unlucky.

Maybe next time take slightly more care when moving spawners around.