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Hello! Today we have a very special giveaway brought to you by @gtstarwars! This is a giveaway he wanted to do for the players of SkyRealms! Least he could do am I right? ;)

The giveaway will end in 10 days (Friday, May 11th) and there is a total of 10 winners chosen!
You can view the 10 available prizes below!

  1. $40,000,000 IGM
  2. $25,000,000 IGM
  3. $20,000,000 IGM
  4. $15,000,000 IGM
  5. Golden Golem Spawner
  6. Golden Golem Spawner
  7. Golden Golem Spawner
  8. Beacon
  9. Reinforced 4 100% and 2 Enchant Cleansers
  10. Legendary Key
All you have to do to enter is like this post!
If your forums username is different from your IGN, don't worry! You will be contacted on the forums via PM to get your in-game name (if you win).

Good luck to all who enter & make sure to thank gtstarwars for hosting this giveaway. :)

- Pat

NOTE: If you are found to be using multiple forum accounts, your whole giveaway entry will be disqualified.
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