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Hello! Yesterday was the end the of @gtstarwars ' JUMBO GIVEAWAY.
So, that means that today we have the winners to announce!

Winners were chosen by Random Number Generation, with all usernames who entered on the list as possible results. Now! For the winners..

Drum roll please....

1st - @HeartedPenguin
($40,000,000 IGM)
2nd - @fatguy46
($25,000,000 IGM)
3rd - @Lollipop56
($20,000,000 IGM)
4th - @TheStrangeWalurs
($15,000,000 IGM)
5th - @deferredclamp32 (Account Issues)
(Golden Golem Spawner)
6th - @AthanForTheWin
(Golden Golem Spawner)
7th - @Gamernick14
(Golden Golem Spawner)
8th - @Annihilator187
9th - @nate_07
(Reinforced 4 100% and 2 Enchant Cleansers)
10th - @JJW06
(Legendary Key)

You can see how the winners were chosen in this video recorded by gtstarwars as he randomly pulled winners.

If you won a prize, you can contact "gtstarwars" in game, or "gtstarwars#3920" on Discord to claim your prize!

Congratulations to all who won!

Not open for further replies.