Accepted Irl Deal Scammer (GalaxyRealms)

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1. Server - I was building in GalaxyRealms's realm and (his alt) CadezYT's realm
2. Minecraft name - GalaxyRealms (his alt is Cadezyt)
3. Offence - Irl Deal Scamming
4. Proof - I Have a ton of proof. I will show a few of the ones I feel are the most significant. I can dm staff members on here or on discord to show more proof if that is needed. Also, you can ask IRONMAN2301 and Bunnykid_101 anything you want, they have been my allies long before this and know that I was spending most of may free time working for Galaxyrealms.

1 The original agreements to the deal. Remember, the deal changed later. I would build cobble generators at his alts realm instead of
finish the cactus.

2 The plan changes, I will now need to work on cobble gens every day until the 24th (when the rank sale was on)

3 He is gone for a week, I am kicked from his alts realm where I am supposed to be building. He isn't responding to the messages below

4 A week later, I was and still am banned from Cadezyt's realm so I couldn't build. When galaxy finally got on, He was "robbed" and can't afford the rank now

4 ignores me on discord after realizing He can't scam me again

Well, there you go. Remember, I have more proof and I would like to share to a member of staff directly. I really hope this is enough.


This situation is when things start to go a bit wishy-washy. The rules don't really specify types of deals like this. IRL Deals currently is when items/money are traded for a rank. Manual labor isn't technically an item, it's a service.

I'm not really sure on this one, but there is a chance this is not irl scamming, since no item/money was scammed, hence the fact why he did it (may have asked a staff member beforehand). I'm assuming he is not that dumb.
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