Resolved Innocent Ban

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Hi, this is BanditBaileyZoe.
On January, 24, 1018, I got banned from Skyrealms for chargeback. Im just letting you know that I did IRL deals.
Volttax bought me hero for 1.5 mil and Burnedpizza bought me knight for 2.25 mil. I don't see why I should get banned
for someone else giving you trouble. Please help me, this is my favorite server and I play every day. Btw, I was AFK when this happened, (Afk In my skeleton farm not mining or fishing) so I wasn't there to do anything about it.


I couldn't find my irl deal proof with volt tax, but here is one for burnedpizza
(I pay the other 1.125 mil after I see the rank in chat btw)
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To be un-banned for chargeback please create a support ticket by using the 'contact us' button. If they were irl deals please provide proof of both irl deals in the ticket.
Have a nice day
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