I'm Hopelessly Lost in this WILD Update!

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Happy Friday SkyRealms Peeps! I hope you all had an amazing Easter :) As you know, there was no update last week because of the holiday and it feels like so much has happened since the last post. One of the biggest changes is that our beloved Admin, Deci, has decided to move on from SkyRealms *ugly cries*. While we will all miss him terribly, I'm sure you'll join me in wishing him the best in whatever comes next!

Now, onto our feature realm! This week's spotlight shines on Brodie_Bank! Congrats! If you have a spare moment this week, be sure to check out their realm :)

April Build Contest


That's right! A new month means a new build contest and a new theme! This month's theme is both very easy and very, very difficult. It's….

Nature and the Wild!

I'm going to let your imaginations run wild on this one. Show me something I've never seen before and you just might find yourself on top of the world!!

As usual, to help our builders know what the judges are looking for, I've included a short rubric below detailing the categories I will be focusing on for the builds:

Build Contest Judging Categories

Adherence to Theme - if the realm does not adhere to one of the month's themes, they are immediately disqualified.

Creativity - Creativity is judged both through the creativity of your overall build along with the creativity of the materials you choose.

Overall Aesthetic - Aesthetic is determined by multiple factors such as color coordination and symmetry to improve the overall visual effect of your realm.

Difficulty - Difficulty will examine both the complexity and difficulty levels of your build.

Furthermore, the April Build Contest begins today and the deadline to have your build complete and submitted is April 20 at 9:00 a.m. PST.

PLEASE LEAVE YOUR BUILD UP UNTIL THE WINNERS ARE ANNOUNCED, as I will be visiting realms for the week after the deadline to pick our finalists.

Finally, prizes! Winners for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will receive a gift card to the SkyRealms store along with the Architect name tag. Recognized honourable mentions will also receive some pretty awesome in-game loot!

1st Place - $50 Gift Card to SkyRealms store and Architect name tag
2nd Place - $20 Gift Card to SkyRealms store and Architect name tag
3rd Place - $10 Gift Card to SkyRealms store and Architect name tag​

Store Encore THIS Weekend!

That's right! For this weekend only, we're are re-adding everything we've momentarily removed from the store! This means ranks, boss eggs, gkits and more will all be available for purchase this weekend. Better get your goods fast though, because we're pulling them again on Monday.

Parkour Event


To continue on with our weekly events, we've decided to host a parkour in PatP's realm! (Also, shout out to WizardStake for building it!)

As usual, to get there, go to /visit PatP and select the realm that says Parkour Event. It will take place MONDAY at 10:30 a.m. PST and there will be prizes! (Details below)

1st Place - Golden Golem Spawner
2nd Place - 5 Iron Golem Spawners
3rd Place - Iron Golem Spawner​

NOTE - To make the event as fair as possible, NO ARMOR OR POTIONS are allowed to be equipped. If you are wearing ANYTHING other than your skin, you will be disqualified. Also, flying will be disabled.

That's it for this week guys! Looking forward to seeing you guys on the server! As usual, don't be shy ;P
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