How to make a good bug report.

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Hey all, this thread will just serve to help make sure that your bug reports are as detailed and successful as possible. Following the tips in this thread will help us identify and fix the issues you report more easily and quickly!

1 - Double check that it is actually an issue. Is your internet working? Are you on the right version of Minecraft, etc.

2 - Check if the bug you've found has been reported already. If it has and you have new information on that bug, reply to the existing report thread rather than making your own new thread. Multiple bug threads just spam the forums, they don't help it get fixed any faster.

3 - Descriptive titles are important. Don't just write 'HEEEEELP MEE' or 'This is broken'. Simply describe the issue so as a glance we can know what your report is about.

4 - Provide as much information as possible. Screenshots, time the bug happened, server it happened on. videos, how exactly you caused the bug to happen. Please do not just say "X is broken". Providing detailed information will help us identify the issue much more easily.

Island Borders Shrinking

This morning I woke up and the borders on my island were back to the default size. Previously they were SkyGod size. Here is a screenshot showing a portion of my island being stuck outside the border.

You can see the issue at /visit TheTeaGuns, though from other players on the server the issue seems to affect others, not just me.

"This is broken, please fix it"
"My island broke"
"This isn't working"
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