Hide and Seek

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Hello Skyrealms Community!

I'm happy to announce that we'll be hosting a new event on Saturday, you most likely already guessed what it's going to be from the title.
Anyway, we'll be hosting our Hide and Seek event on Sunday the 20th of May at 1 pm EST.

This thread has been made to simply explain the rules and how the event will be held since this event is different than any other event we've been hosting.

Hide and Seek

The rules are simple and fair for everyone, I can promise you that no one will be having an unfair advantage over anyone.

1- No armor
2- No Potions
3- No flying. (flying will be disabled)
4- You're not allowed to tell where people are hiding to the seekers, doing so will result in you being eliminated.
5- Tpa/Tpahere requests won't be allowed. (these commands will also be disabled)

How does it work?
Most people are already familiar with the Hide and Seek game, this is just a simple explanation of how this event will be hosted and how it will work.

Before the event will start all hiders will have 5 minutes to explore the hiding map and the hiding spots on the map. After these 5 minutes, Hiders will be granted 2,5 minutes to start hiding.

3 seekers (Pat and 2 staff members that haven't seen the map) will start looking for the players if you've been found you'll be kicked off the server.

The last three hiders will obviously get a prize.
The last player left will get the 1st prize
the first hider eliminated will get the 3rd prize
that leaves the 2nd prize to the person that has been found after the first one.

1st place
: 1 Golden Golem Spawner
2nd place: 5 Iron Golem Spawners
3rd Place: 1 Iron Golem Spawner

Question: Am I allowed to switch hiding spots while the seekers are looking for the hiders?
Answer: Yes, you are allowed to switch hiding spots since it's a huge risk you're taking there.

Credits to @ReptileInsane, @Nacato, @WizardStakes and me for making the event possible.
Love you guys :3
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ofc it is 1 am in the middle of the night and i have school the next day, common sense

and my mum turns of wifi at night so im dead

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