Everything You've Ever Wanted in an Update

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Guys! It's Friday! Again! Where does the time go? Before we get started, huge congrats to WizardStakes for being our very first realm feature. From now on, every update will feature one of your realms in the header as well as a shoutout from yours truly <3 To visit Wizard's realm, go /visit hi_you

To enter in this awesome weekly contest, simply send me a screenshot of your realm on Discord along with a short description on why it's awesome :)

Now, onto business. We have four (yes, four!) new announcements for you guys today, so buckle up!

Additional Realm Purchasing
Starting today, players will be able to purchase an additional realm through the SkyRealms store under the "Black Market"! Once you purchase your second realm, all you have to do is /claim it in game. These are completely new realms, so keep in mind that everything is separate from your first realm (including size, cobble gen upgrades, member, etc.) which means double the profit shops, double the spawns, and double the fun!

New Enchants
We are also releasing two new enchants which you can get through Encrypted Books. The two new enchantments are:

1. Fortify (Legendary Armor Enchant) - Increases your chance to take reduced damage when crouched.
2. Senseless (Epic Weapon Enchant) - Increase your chance to hide your enemies health from them.

New Enchant Display GUI
We have added a new display for your enchantments. The command is the same (/enchant and /enchants) and you don't lose or gain any functionality. It's just an awesome new way to view your enchantments!

We've completed the ColorMe GUI addition, which is a plugin that CHANGES THE COLOR OF YOUR USERNAME. All you have to do is run the command /colorme and it opens a GUI where you select the color you want your username to be. But never fear, old school ColorMe users, you can still use the command (/colorme <colorcode>).

New Blocks
We've officially added the Sea Lantern and End Rod to the shop! The Sea Lantern will cost $1600 (quantity 16) and the End Rod $20 (quantity 1). Both blocks can be found in the shop at /spawn in the "Blocks" shop.

That's it for me! Hope you guys have an amazing weekend! Check below for bug fixes :)

Bug Fixes
Players can now use player shops even when the owner is offline
Voting message will not show up twice in chat (I promise this time!)
Fixed mob stacking
All nametags that were missing have returned.​


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How will having 2 realms actually work? Like when you have 1 realm you just do /visit WizardStake And you are there, but if you have 2 realms how will people visit them?
So a brand new minecraft account is 26.95 and the separate realm is 24.99, Now would it be better to just buy a alt and run that in a multibox program or alternate computer ? But If everything is separate , can you only afk one realm at a time to get profit shops or items (wool etc) Or is this a dynamic im missing ?


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How will having 2 realms actually work? Like when you have 1 realm you just do /visit WizardStake And you are there, but if you have 2 realms how will people visit them?
Visit the person and 2 options show up, kinda like when you do /home there are multiple options that you can choose from
Nice update. I really like this update. Having more than one realm is something that players requested since the beginning. Furthermore the bug fixes are a real blessing: Major bugs that were ofently complained (or delayed addition of nametags) about are now fixed. Glad too see this server keeping it‘s pace and even starting to increase it again.
Keep it up \( 'ω')/
This is an amazing update, having 2 realms would be really nice and helpful to some players. Also happy we can buy stuff from offline players finally as that was pretty annoying haha. And finally sea lanterns are buyable :’) 10/10 update, Keep them coming and keep up the great work guys! :)