Denied EternalSky "Duping" Ban Appeal

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Sort of: although there was no proof against me...I feel i was unfairly banned. The items that were shown to you were supposedly duped correct? a few points id like to put past you are that (A.) It was in a donations chest, meaning i may have not put it in there (which i didn't, i had not even known about said duped item) and B.) Im not even sure that it was in the chest. No one recorded the chest getting blown up (that's how A_Legend_Beyond "got i got the duped chestplate") so there is no proof that it was even in there. A_Legend_Beyond has already been banned and evaded on his alt twice (two separate alts) already, but for what ever reason, himself, busterboy225 (who is a duper) both hate me. So since there was a hopper hooked up to the donations chest (as shown in the pic) they could have and if it was really in there DID frame me. I feel like i was un-fairly banned because i was not spoken to, and there was no actual proof given. Please respond with any questions or concerns and i will answer them, i hope you will take in to thought everything i have said.

Staff who banned me: DeciduousJam (Deci)

As i explained above i feel li should be unbanned because the item/items? (i never even saw it) could have easily been thrown into the donations chest as there were hoppers hooked up to it, but also there was no proof that they even came out of my chest, i never saw the items so there may have been, but once again, i could have been framed. i sort of have a problem with the fact that no one even questioned me and i was banned.


Denied for now, as I've told you in PMs your entire ban appeal had no grounds considering it definitely wasn't a donations chest and it was definitely hidden on an alternate account.
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