Denied EternalSky/Ban Appeal No.2/

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"Duping" : Im assuming, since i was never told what i "duped" it was the 41 IG's in a chest on my GF's realm

Not Sure: The reason i am confused why im banned is because if those were duped, why would i not have more. Also, what about all the other players with WAY more than 40'Igs and have WAY more money than me.
If i am wrong about this chest the please FINALLY inform me what i "duped" because up til now, i have asked MULTIPLE times what i duped and what chest you (Deci) are talking about, but have still gotten no answer other than "A Hidden Chest on an Alts Realm"

Deci (DeciduousJam) :

There was a misunderstanding: If the "duped" items were the Iron Golem spawners, then those were put there incase i was banned for "duping" Because they were in my Iron Golem farm in my realm but when i was told someone reported me for "duping" i figured "well people have been banned for duping when they didnt, so just in case i may as well put my most valuable item at my gf's realm, so that way, she can do what she wishes with them while i make my appeal (like i am now for the 2nd time.) If i am wrong about the chest in question then please once again, inform me on what it was
If you think I was ban evading I'm sorry that you think that. I probably should not have moved my spawners because that makes it seem like I have something to hide and I'm sorry. If you could please give me a second chance I would greatly appreciate it. I deffenetly do not want to because they were legit but if it would get me unbanned, you could remove the items in question.
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