Resolved Enchant clenser glitch

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To skyrealms staff,
I bought an enchant clenser and put it in a shop to sell, I put it on top of another enchant clenser to see if they could be combined (one was 23%, one was 50 something %)
and the 50% one disappeared. I don't have any proof because I was not expecting it to happen. I am also not asking for another enchant clenser
because I have no proof. If I can find a cheap enchant clenser, I will make another report but with proof.
good luck, BanditBaileyZoe


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Yeah I will resolve this issue, yeah this is bug I will mention to the community manager I can see the reason for this bug is because the game see it has the same item and is not looking at the % but when you combined it realizes the % are different and destroys one, is my guess. I would suggest recording a video if you get another one and try to recreate the bug.

Thanks for the report, Resolved.
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