Easter Build Contest Winners 2020!

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We are finally releasing the Winners of the Easter Build Contest 2020!
From what we saw there were some beautiful builds and we would like to thank everyone that participated!
Here are the Winners!

PRIZE: $100 SkyRealms Store Coupon + [Architect] Name Tag
DangerDill Realm Preview.jpg

PRIZE: $50 SkyRealms Store Coupon + [Architect] Name Tag

HadiIsThicc Realm Preview.jpg

3RD PLACE WINNER: retiaire
PRIZE: $25 SkyRealms Store Coupon + [Architect] Name Tag

retiaire Realm Preview.jpg

Honourable Mentions

HeavenlyAngel_ Build Contest Preview!.jpg
farrare29 Build Contest Preview!.jpg
MGMasterJD Build Contest Preview!.jpg

Please contact CakeSpace#8888 on Discord for your Coupon Code prize!


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