Denied Ducky's ban appeal

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1. Minecraft Username: Banned as "Apportion" Name now "Frownings"

2. What were you banned for: Threatening to Dox

3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: No, I am guilty of what I was banned for.

4. Who banned you: CakeSpace

5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: I believe I should be unbanned from Skyrealms, Because I have learned from my mistake of threatening to dox. I should have thought about my decisions before taking my anger out on a player who didn't deserve it what so ever. I have took the last 6 ish months to rethink apond my decision of doxxing a player over a game shouldn't have ever even came to my mind. I want to aplogize to the players (Propfhet and FinalFighter257) and the staff involved (CakeSpace). I understand I don't deserve a second chance on SkyRealms to return to the community of players. I have learned over the 5-6 months that my actions were unnecessary and should haven't occured so I have given myself time to rethink my dicision as a player of Skyrealms. I would love to return to the community of Skyrealms where some of my great friends play. I would love to meet new people and show my actions back then were something that will never occur again. I have came to realize doxxing is not only wrong but its illeagal and should of never went threw my head over a server on minecraft. I have came to realize a server should be a fun save environment for all players who wish to have fun and grind on skyblock and such that the server has added since the time of my ban. I can't say sorry enough to the players I scared and staff who had to deal with my problems I'm sorry Propfhet, FinalFighter257, and CakeSpace.
Another Thing I would like to say sorry for: I would like to say sorry for ban evading. After I was banned for the first couple of weeks I decided I would ban evade and annoy the staff out of anger and pure toxicity. I see that did nothing but make what I did look worse and make the situation it's self look bad. I should have accepted my punishment and went from ther trying to appeal and make it better to the players and staff of the community of Skyrealms. Yet, me being immature and making a bad decision trying to cause more problems at the time. I shouldn't have fought with staff and just left the situation be instead of causing more and more harm.

Why I would like to return to Skyrealms: I would love to return to the coummunity of Skyrealms ,becuase thats basically where I started. I met most of my friends and great players and really learned how to start playing minecraft. I've always found Skyrealms fun being able to grind and PvP all in one server. Being banned for 6+ months has showed me I needed to mature and grow up and own up to my actions and become a better person and player of the Skyrealms community. I've learned not to take what I have for granted and stay calm in situations instead of going above and beyond out of my way to start drama on the Skyrealms network.

Sorry to the players and staff involved: I want to say sorry to Mortis and Propfhet for threating to harm you in anyway shape or form. I'm sorry for my actions scaring you and leaving you scarred. I also owe a huge apology to CakeSpace for my actions and damage caused apond the Skyrealms server. My actions should of never happened in the first place to begin with.


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Hello Ducky.

Why are you back again? Did I not make it SUPER clear in your last appeal that you would not be unbanned? It's either that or you were too lazy to read that, or too ignorant and ignored it.

We've been through this multiple times and I don't care how much YOU think you have changed, what you did was literally illegal and damaging. I see your apologies as empty and carrying no meaning whatsoever.

Let's also not forget that you attempted to "Expose" me in a Thread after your last appeal was denied. Did you really think I would forget and ignore that? No. You're toxic and a player SkyRealms would definitely not like to have back in any way, shape or form.

You will literally never be unbanned from SkyRealms.

- Denied

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