December 6th, 2019 - December Crate, Enchant Change, Advent Calendar, Gold Change, Build Contest & Battle Arena Change Update!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to another update post, we hope you enjoy the changes we have made!


The December Crate is finally out and available to be purchased from the SkyRealms Store!
This Crate is packed with new and cool cosmetics that will only be included in this Crate, so make sure to buy it before it expires!



We have made a slight change to one of our Custom Enchants, which is Heavy Hand that has a chance to multiply the damage of the weapon you're using! The slight change we made was allowing players to have a max enchant of Level 5. This means a higher % chance to do extra damage along with more damage than Heavy Hand 4!
You do not have to cleanse your current Heavy Hand from your weapons, you can upgrade to Heavy Hand 5 with Legendary Books!


Since it is the festive season, we have introduced an Advent Calendar at /spawn! You will find the Santa NPC at the opposite side of the portal with a whole bunch of other NPCs! Right click the Santa and it will allow you to claim the reward for that day in particular.
Disclaimer: If you miss a day, you will no longer be able to claim the reward for that day.


We have allowed for players to sell their Gold Ingots for $2 more profit in Chest Shops. This means that instead of the price having to beat least $28, you can now sell your Gold Ingots to other players for $26 per unit, allowing more profit to be made on the buyers side once they sell those items back to the store at /spawn!


It's that time of year again! A Festive/Christmas themed Build Contest has been released for all of you to compete in! Feel free to check out the prizes using /bcontest!
We are allowing you up to the 27th to complete your builds and afterwards, they will be judged.

Note: Please leave your builds up until the 30th of this month to allow time for judging.


A new Battle Arena Rule has been agreed upon by us, in which the previous winner of a Battle Arena cannot participate in the upcoming Battle Arena at all. This only affects the winner of the previous Battle Arena. This Rule is effective immediately.

If you have any questions about this update, please message a Staff member!