December 13th, 2019 - Winter Event, Friday 13th Crate and Epic & Legendary Key Buff Update!

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Hello everyone, welcome to another update post! We hope you enjoy the changes we have made!


This is something all of you have been wanting and looking forward to, and finally we have it ready to release very soon, so stay frosty and on alert for that! This event is going to be exactly like last year, with the /northpole being the place you run around and scavenge for the Christmas Currency!

North Pole

What is the North Pole? Well, it's a new snowy landscape added to the server for the event! In the North Pole, there's not much to worry about except lava and random chunk holes, so try to watch your step!
How do you get to the North Pole? Simply type the command /northpole and you should get transferred to the North Pole with your items!
What do you do in the North Pole? Much like the Nether, there are structures scattered around the map which all will have at least 1 of 3 blocks somewhere inside them. Inside these structures (view spoiler below) you should find at least 1 Iron, Gold or Diamond Block! The blocks themselves are not the main reward in mining these blocks. When you mine one of these you have a chance at getting one of 3 total Currencies for this event! The 3 Currencies for this event are: "Holiday Cookies", "Cocoa", and "Coal" (view spoiler below to see what they look like).
What is the difference between the 3 blocks? Iron Blocks will give you 1 total Currency item. Gold Blocks will give you 2 of whatever currency you get and Diamond blocks will give you 3! Diamond Blocks are only found in certain structures, however there is a chance for you to only get a Snowball from these blocks instead of a currency. This snowball does absolutely nothing except act like a snowball!
The main purpose of the North Pole is to collect these currencies, however you can also mine and just run around if that is what you're into. Please note that there are no mine shafts or dungeons on the map. There are still caves and ores. SkyGod+ also cannot fly in the area, like the Nether.
When does the North Pole reset? The North Pole will reset at Midnight EST & Noon EST.
What do you do with the currency? Read "Mr. Claus" below!







Mr. Claus

Head over to the NPC Area and you will see Mr. Claus hanging around and chatting away with the other NPCs! Mr. Claus is accepting your currency for exclusive items only available during the Christmas Event! Head over to Mr. Claus and see what he has to offer for your Christmas goodies! You will need a combination of the 2 currencies to buy each item from him, he is stubborn and doesn't like just 1 form of money..
Mr. Claus also features our FIRST BIOME (We know we had it last year but SHUSH!) which you can buy and change your Realm to that biome! You can get your hands on the "Taiga" biome and switch your grass color to a darker green when applied. We will be adding more biomes, but if you buy the biome from Mr. Claus, simply type /realm when at your Realm and then select the Wood Hoe. That is where you will be able to change your biome!​


This Winter doesn't come without its SCARY day! That's right, tomorrow is Friday the 13th which is conically known for being an unlucky & blood curdling day! With that, we have decided to release an EXCLUSIVE Crate to go alongside the day (and extending over the weekend) with a whole new variety of cosmetics! We hope you enjoy the Crate and may luck be in your favour.



After a lot of criticism on the Epic & Legendary Keys, we have decided to buff them to give you all a chance at getting better items than before! We have still left some more.. less valuable drops in the keys, because.. where would the fun be without some bad items? This will be rolled out very soon, so expect to see new items and buffed chances to get existing items! We hope you enjoy the changes!

If you have any questions regarding this update, or in general then feel free to message a member of Staff!