Custom Spawners Return, Coin Flip Gambling + small shop changes. 04/12/19

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Hello people, today we have some additions and changes to the server for you to enjoy.

Added Spawners & Custom Spawners
We have added some normal spawners to the shop as well as 5 Custom Spawners through the "Trade Up" NPC at /spawn.

Normal Spawners Added
The following spawners can be found in the normal shop at /spawn through the "Mob Spawning" NPC.

Rabbit Spawner - $800,000
Headless Wither Skeleton
- $1,000,000

Headless Wither Skeletons Spawners are similar normal Wither Skeletons, however they will never drop Wither Skeleton Skulls. They only drop Bones & Coal.
(If you wish to get Wither Skeleton Skulls, you will still need to venture out to the nether.)

Custom Spawners Added
The following spawners can be found at /spawn through the "Trade Up" NPC.

Golden Golem Spawner - 8 Iron Golem Spawners
Common Dust Creeper Spawner - 2 Creeper Spawners
Rare Dust Creeper Spawner - 3 Creeper Spawners
Epic Dust Creeper Spawner - 4 Creeper Spawners
Legendary Dust Creeper Spawner - 6 Creeper Spawners

(NOTE: Lower tier Dust Creeper Spawners cannot be traded up for higher tiers. You need to use default/regular Creeper Spawners as the currency.)
(Please only buy the rarity of spawner you plan on using for a while. If you do not want it, you will have to sell it to another player.)

Golden Golem Spawners will spawn special Iron Golems that drop Gold Ingots instead of Iron Ingots & eliminates poppies from the drops.

Dust Creeper Spawners spawn Creepers that have a low chance of dropping an Enchantment Dust, of that spawners rarity, between 1% and 3%.
These Dust Creeper Spawners will still drop the same amount of Gunpowder as a regular creeper, however they just have the added chance to drop Enchantment Dusts.
Enchantment Dusts (for those that do not know) are used to increase the Success Chance of an Enchantment Book.

Coin Flip Gambling Added
We have added a Coin Flip game for users to gamble their money against other players if they wish.
(Only available on the /home server, not /spawn)
Coin Flip is a game mode where you can create & accept matches and bet money based on who will get either Heads or Tails in the match.

Coin Flip Commands
/cf help

Shows CoinFlip Commands.
/cf <amount> <heads/tails>
Creates a match for you through command.
For example, using "
/cf 1000 heads" would create a match for you with a bet of $1,000 and you choosing heads.
Opens Coin Flip GUI. Through the GUI you can accept other players bets. You can also do create matches in this menu, allowing you to create a match without using the command if you wish.
/cf stats
Shows you your own statistics for your Coin Flip matches. Including Wins, Losses, Win Percentage, Money Bet, Money Earned and more.

You must enter a Minimum Bet of at least $1,000. You also cannot go over $10,000,000 in one bet, it is the Maximum Bet.
ALL MATCHES over $5,000,000 will broadcast the winner in chat for all to congratulate the winner and shame the loser.
ALL WINNINGS through the Coin Flip are taxed by 5% as a server fee.

Check out /cf to get a hang of how the plugin works and gamble your hearts away.

Build Contest Over
The Build Contest has ended! Winners will be announced sometime next week.

Small Shop Changes
- Increased Cooked Fish sell price to $96 per 8.
- Decreased Hopper Price from $4,000 to $3,000.
- Blaze Spawner price increased from $500,000 to $650,000
- Iron Ore Golem Spawner price decreased to $2,000,000
- Iron Golem Spawner added (a while ago) with a price of $4,000,000
- Increased Gold Ingot sell price at the spawn shop to $64 for 4.
- Increased Gold Block sell price at spawn shop to $144
- Changed Gold Ingot and Gold Block per unit price when creating shops to allow small profit.
(Gold Ingot from $16 per unit to $13 and Gold Block from $144 to $117.)​