Accepted Can i get unban?

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1. Minecraft Username: xXMIK66ANGELOxX
2. What were you banned for: Illegal Deal in Italian
3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: No
4. Who banned you: EvanOrgan
5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: Because i didn't know that any gift card irl deal was ''illegal'' to do, and this is the first ban that i got in this server. I'll read the rules next time, before make something (Like an other irl deal)


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Hello Loriana,

Can you give me a better reason I why you should be unban? just saying I didn't know, and saying I will read the rules next time isn't a very good response. So if you can give me a better reason on why I should unban you.
because I was stupid not to read the rules I regret it and I bought the skygod would be money thrown to the air and then I love this server P.S I have the skygod from saturday
m sorry I did a illegal deal, I should have read the rules more carefully or ask mod question if I am unsure. Please unban me it will never happen again


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Hello loriana,

After further consideration of your appeal and the reason you have given me of why you want to be unban, I have decided to unban you. If you break any more rules after this offence I will not be so nice on the next appeal.

So please take the time to read the rules located: Here

Unban, Accepted.
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