Builds and Boosters and Items from the Sky, Oh My!

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Hello everyone! Get ready for your update! But first, let's announce this weeks featured realm!

This week we're featuring a realm built by Runverbots and HeyImFlo2. You can visit by going to /visit genxmmen and once there you will find everything from potions to iron and cactus profits. Also, keep an eye out for their upcoming sugar cane profit!

Now, onto updates.

Build Contests

Guy, I'm so excited about this update! Now that I've had the chance to explore the server and check out everyone's realms I CANNOT WAIT to see what you guys are going to come up with for our monthly build contests!

This month, the theme is Valentines. Think hearts, love, flowers, candy, and stuffed animals ;) We will award prizes to first, second, and third place in the form of SkyRealm's gift cards (details below).

1st Prize - $50
2nd Prize - $20
3rd Prize - $10

To participate, simply type /buildcontests or /bcontest and you'll see three icons. The first one contains contest information (like rewards, end dates, theme, etc.), the second allows you to submit your realm, and the third shows all the submitted realms (to check out the competition, of course!).

Keep in mind, in order to submit your realm for the build contest you must be 1) standing in your realm, and 2) the owner of your realm.

NOTE: Build contest entries are ONE REALM PER PLAYER, not account.

I read all your suggestions, so I KNOW how excited you guys are gonna be about this one. Introducing boosters!

Boosters are used to "boost" your experience and money. They are also GLOBAL, which means they benefit everyone on the server. Once you purchase your boosters type /boosters (or /boost for short).

The current XP and $ boosters are available on the store and are priced as follows:

x1.5 XP Booster | 3 hours long | $14.99
x2 XP Booster | 2 hours long | $19.99
x1.5 Money Booster | 1 hour long | $24.99
x2 Money Booster | 30 minutes long | $29.99

Please Note: XP Boosters only boost XP gained from vanilla methods such as mobs and xp bottles. Also, Money Boosters only affect money obtained from selling items to the shops at /spawn.

Ever been in the warzone and been seconds away from absolute and terrifyingly imminent DEATH? Care packages can help with that ;P

CarePackages are random crates that drop from the sky into the WarZone. These CarePackages contain 6 items, and will spawn every two to four hours as marked by the holograms found at spawn drop points. You will also get a notification in chat five minutes before a CarePackage is about to spawn. Once it spawns (and also when it lands), the CarePackage will announce the coordinates of it's landing location in chat.

But beware! CarePackages are not all chicken noodle soup and teddy bears. There is also a "Red Zone" that is active for a short time after the care package spawns. This red zone rains TNT down on you with no mercy or regret. So, like, you know, watch out.

NOTE: There is a 15 player minimum for a carepackage to drop. If there is not 15 players on a spawn server when it's set to drop, the drop will be canceled.

Shop Tutorial
We've also added a new chest shop tutorial at spawn for all new players that are a little unsure how to make your own shops. It's located right next to the shops building.

That's it this week folks! See you on Monday!

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GREAT update !!!

Congratulation, well done !

(P.S.: can maybe someone have an eye about the breeding-animal-issue I reported 1 week ago, we would need to be able to breed animals ;-))
Really awesome! I just love love LOVE these weekly updates! Its bringing so many amazing things that help the community. The only hard thing is the building contest. Time to work on these skills deep within! Thx for being awesome!
Will the Building contest be about ALL of your realm or just something u build on it ? cause i got a huge cactus farm thats ugly but i would still want to join the contest without destroying it