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Hey friends! Hope you're enjoying the Olympics on SkyRealms :) We'll get to this week's update, but first let's check out our featured realm!

This week, we're featuring a realm will shops and towering quartz structures by marcseli! Make sure to check it out on your explorations this week at /visit marcseli.

Also, before we get started on updates, I would like to remind EVERYONE to PLEASE not click on links from unknown and untrusted sources, in-game or on the Discord channel. I really don't want anyone to have their accounts hacked because I love you all and I want y'all to be happy and unhacked :) <3

Build Contest Ends

That's right! The Valentines-themed build contest has officially drawn to a close. Thank you so much to everyone who participated! We are in the process of going through all of your submissions and we will announce a winner next Friday with the new update.

Important: Please DO NOT take down your realm until after the winners are announced. Our judging panel may visit your realm sometime in the next week to help us decide and it would stink if your build wasn't there :S

Realm Warps

You asked and we listened. Introducing Realm Warps! These are points that you set in your realm to allow for fast and easy travel. Go from entrances to profit shops to tranquility ponds in an instant with realm warps!

Here's how it works. Your number of warp points varies depending on your rank, as shown below.

Default - 3
Hero - 6
Knight - 6
Lord - 8
Duke - 8
SkyGod - 10

To set up, delete, and view your warps, use the following commands.

Set a warp - /realm setwarp <name> <description>
Delete a warp - /realm delwarp <name>
View warps - /warps
Warp to a specific warp - /warps <name>

NOTE: All warp names are case sensitive.

New CUSTOM Tool Enchants

Guys this is kind of a big deal. We're talking the first custom tool enchants added to the server that you get from books EVER. So get ready for some awesome. Check out your new enchants :)

Smelting - Chance to smelt blocks while mining (OMG timesaver)

Super Breaker - Chance to activate Super Breaker, which will allow you to break blocks almost instantly for a short period (like the Hulk, but square-er)

Want to show off that next-to-impossible to get Gset? Particularly proud of a rare item? Now you can stick it in your very own Showcase where you can display up to nine of your most prized possessions. Here's the commands:

/showcase - This command opens up your own Showcase and allows you to edit items. To add an item to your showcase, simply click the item you want to add in your inventory. To remove an item, just click it out of the showcase and it should go back into your inventory.

/showcase player <username> - Command to open and view another players Showcase.

WarZone Chest Changes
We've been getting a number of complaints about chests being empty in the WarZone since they no longer disappear. To help this issue, we've added a title message that will inform you once a chest has already been looted so you don't waste valuable time looting an empty chest :)

Bug Fixes
SkyGods can now access all pets
Zombies no longer stack
Bosses no longer drop no loot
Made /snow-toggle to help with lag at spawn
Realm members can no longer ban owners
TNT and general duping bug
Xp bug
Pistons are fixed
Ender chest bug is fixed (thank goodness)
Added /shop toggle so you can turn on/off the annoying shop transaction messages in chat​
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