Denied Banned for Illegal Deal

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1. Minecraft Username: Kqoas_

2. What were you banned for: Illegal Deal

3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: No

4. Who banned you: CageSpace

5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: Because I deserve it: i was talking to Siflex_ : what do you give me if i give you 10$ paysafecard, and he said me only paypal and i said "i dont have paypal sorry" and the chat its over... 5min later i got banned from CageSpace for Illegal Deal, i didnt understand, so with my computer i joined with my bestfriend's account "gwynevire", i was talking with Siflex_ why i got banned and he said me is illegal says these irl deals but i didnt know, in the /rules in the game no one rule says this illegal deal, then i was talking with Pikachu for this topic, he was saying me how create an appeal on the forum but gwynevire was banned too for "ban evasion(Kqoas_)" from CageSpace.
So i hope you understand me and can be unbanned with my bestfriend gwynevire.


Staff member
Hello there.

You said you did /rules in-game, well if you did you would have seen a link which, if clicked brings you to the full rulebook where you can find the rule "Illegal Trade".

This rule clearly states that any trades involving in-game money to real life money (Paypal, paysafe, etc..) are indeed an illegal trade/deal.

You don't seem sorry that you never checked our full rulebook, you even could have asked a Staff member on discord, these forums or in-game regarding if the deal was allowed or not.

I will be denying this appeal, you may appeal again whenever you feel that you are ready to apologise for breaking our rules.

- Denied
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