Denied Banned for Adios by: CakeSpce

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1. My minecraft username is EnterMyBunny
2. i was banned for Adios
3. Nope i don’t have any proof
4. CakeSpace banned me
5 I think i should be unbanned: Because i really miss skyrealms and i got banned in February and i really understand why you banned me but i really miss the server it made a hole in my Heart because i cant play it was actually my favourite server and i really enjoyed playing there so please i have learned from my mistakes but i understand if you won’t unban me but i really wanna come back to play ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Staff member
Hello EnterMyBunny_.

Do you really expect an unban after everything you have caused over your time on SkyRealms? You haven't matured at all and you have no care for any Rules. If you really have learned from your mistakes, then why have you received punishments on Pitforge? It doesn't exactly help with your case here if you have broken Rules on that Server.

We gave you a second chance at one point to be unbanned on SkyRealms and then you continued to break Rules and went as far as to insult myself and the Staff team over a punishment you received. I don't personally want you on the Server at all unless I believe you have matured, which you definitely have not. Your punishment history for SkyRealms this season says it all.

You will not be unbanned this season, however if we are to reset then we will review your case again. However, for now you will stay banned for the rest of this season. Do not create any more appeals as they will be instantly denied/deleted.

- Denied
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