Accepted Ban Appeal

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Minecraft Username:

Why I got banned:
Banned for illegal deals

Anything against the ban:
No, haven't been playing for the past month or 2

Who banned you:

Why should you be unbanned:
I have no excuse for what I did. I didnt double check the server I was on nor the rules. But I believe I should be unbanned because I'm not going to break the rules again and learn from mistakes. I also have spent a lot on this game and I want to continue to play. But I completely understand if I cannot play for my actions.


Staff member
Hello Meta_Knight_.

NotDrunkJustHigh did resign, and therefore I will be taking over this appeal.

I appreciate the reassurance and the fact you're taking full responsibility for your actions, however I was very surprised when it was you advertising Illegal Deals in chat as you're an experienced player and should 100% know the Rules on Illegal Deals.

However, this is your first punishment this entire season and therefore I'm willing to be more lenient with your ban. If you're willing to agree to some of my conditions, I will be more than happy to unban your account. My first condition is that you re-familiarize yourself with our Official Server Rule Book along with all of our other Rules we have set in place. My second condition is that you will assure me that if you're unsure of any of these Rules at any given time, that you will contact a Staff member for clarification.

Please reply below.
I apologize again for my actions and for a late reply. I've been focusing on my classes a lot since I've been off minecraft.
I understand all the rules and will do my very best to do better as a player in the sever. If I do have any questions I'll definitely go to a staff for help before doing something. Thank you for the help.
I take fully 100% responsibility of my actions and it wont happen again.
I sincerely apologize if it does but I'll do my absolute best not to make the same mistake or break further rules.

Have a good day


Staff member
Hello again and apologies for the late reply.

Thank you very much for your patience and co-operation with this Ban Appeal. I'm very happy to hear that you will ask any questions to a Staff member before doing something and I appreciate the reassurance that it won't happen again.

I'm more than happy to unban your account now, however please do be sure to not let an incident like this to happen again. Your account will be unbanned shortly.

- Accepted
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