Denied Ban Appeal V2

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1. Discord Username: Waffle Buddy#2019

2. What were you banned for: See previous appeal

3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: N/A

4. Who banned you: CakeSpace

5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned:
First of all I would like to mention that I was never given a single warning for typing messages in #suggestions. Not once, if I were to have been warned, I would have stopped.
Secondly, Cake you know damn well the only reason I was helper is because we were friends. And being an ex-staff member doesn't give me any permissions so why should it give me special treatment.
And finally, regarding the "alts" if you have proof I have alts in that discord, ban them, that's the rule "6. Creating alternate accounts will result in all alternates being deleted and your main account being temporarily banned." so I can only conclude by the fact you're telling me to remove them that they are not banned. Therefore you have no proof


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Hello again, Waffle.

In your first appeal, you stated this "I'd like to apologise for ignoring all my warnings". It's quite amusing how you have changed your attitude and story to that you weren't giving any warnings. You were not given any official warnings, that is true, however I feel the deleted messages that both myself and Pikachu did should have given you some indication that what you were doing was wrong.

Next, I'll address your ludicrous statement regarding that you only received Helper due to us being friends. I hired you since you showed promise and potential to being an exceptional Staff member. Even prior to being a Staff member, you upheld the rules in the Discord. You were also very helpful in-game and the only advantage to gaining Staff you had was my trust.

Being an Ex-Staff member shows that you KNEW the rules. So you knew you were breaking the rules and now you're complaining about being punished? It seems rather silly to me.

Finally, as I stated previously in your last appeal, myself and Pat couldn't care less about your alt(s). It's pretty obvious to anyone that knows you. I'm only going off of intuition, and the only "hard" evidence I have regarding this particular matter is when you stated in a separate discord that you would rather stick to your alts. Of course not enough evidence to prove you have any alts in the discord, and not enough evidence to ban them on suspicion of being you.

As I stated in your last appeal, you will be free to appeal when you decide to act more mature. On top of that, I suggest you understand what you did was wrong and that you knew you were breaking a rule.

If you wish to argue with me over what I have said, please do so by sending me a PM on here.

Any appeal in the future that is used as an excuse to argue or anything other than to actually appeal your ban will be instantly denied/deleted.

- Denied
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