Denied Ban Appeal (Reason: Hacks)

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Hello, this is Divinesyn. I have been banned for using a Hacks to better myself and I have had caused a great Disadvantage to everyone in the server. I am very sorry and would like to keep playing on the server. I have therefore deleted my Hacks form Minecraft and will never use it ever again because if I was to be unbanned for the things I have done I would not like to ban a second time for the exact thing or ever in that cause. If my ban could be lifted I would be very grateful.

1. Divinesyn
2. Hacks (Kill-Aura )
3. No Sir or Ma'am
4. CakeSpace
5. I don't believe that I should be unbanned for the things I have done. But I would grateful love to get back on so that I could continue my journey on this great and wonderful server. I just joined the server a few days ago and didn't know the rules of the server. I also thought that this server allowed hacks but as it turns out I was wrong to believe that. I just want to say I am sorry for what actions I have done and hope that you guys would accept my apology. Likewise, I know that I have a really hard time being accepted (If I was to be accepted) because as a server rule it states "As stated in The Ban Appeal format we do not unban for the use of hacked clients."

Thank you for your time to everyone here.


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Hello Divinesyn.

We do not unban for the usage of Hacked Clients on this server, as you stated there is a mention of that in the Ban Appeal Format.

- Denied
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