August 6th, 2019 - August Crate, Anti-Drop and Summer Build Contest Winners + Some Small Features!

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Hello everyone! Today we have some new features and announcements we hope you enjoy!

Summer Build Contest Winners!
This has been long overdue and I apologise for the delay on posting the Winners for this Build Contest! Without further delay, here they are!

1st Place: DangerDill
2nd Place: RihardsUK
3rd Place: CptBloodBeard

Contact CakeSpace#8888 on Discord for your reward!

Honourable Mentions


Thank you to everyone that entered the Build Contest this month! It was amazing for us to look at all of your amazing and creative builds!
1st Place: DangerDill
DangerDill Build Contest.png

2nd Place: RihardsUK
RihardsUK Build Contest.png

3rd Place: CptBloodBeard
CptBloodBeard Build Contest.png

Monthly Crate - August!
July has ended and it is now the month of August! That means, you can now get your hands on the [MONTHLY] AUGUST Crate which is jam packed with all new cosmetics. Along with a few in-game items to help you with your time on SkyRealms!
You can purchase the Crate here! -

Want to know what you can get from the Crate? Check out a preview by clicking the spoiler below!
August Crate Preview.png

Today we introduce our new Anti-Drop system! This system will add an extra layer of protection for you and your items! They way this system works is that we have whitelisted a few items from being dropped upon pressing Q to drop the item. The system will request that if you wish to drop the item, you will need to press Q again.

Here are the items we have whitelisted: Enchant Cleansers (sugar in general), any form of Crate, Boss Eggs, any Spawner, any form of diamond tool/weapon/armour (enchanted or not), Enchanted Books (any rarity), any Key and finally Repair Scrolls.

For all of you that do not wish to always have it enabled, we have a command to help you with that! Do /antidrop toggle to turn this feature ON/OFF. One thing to note is the toggle will not follow with you cross-server, so you will need to enable it on the other sub-servers we have.
All players have Anti-Drop ENABLED by default.

Spawn Parkour!
A parkour has been added to /spawn for all of you that want to pass the time whenever there is a reboot! Just do /warp parkour to get to the starting point!
NOTE - There is no prize for completing the parkour.

Small Updates
+ New Duel Kit No Debuff (/duels)
+ New 2nd Realm Server!